When is the sunscreen isolation liquid foundation used?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-07
I believe that many small partners who have just come into contact with makeup will be quite confused about the specific steps of makeup, especially in the use of cream, sunscreen and liquid foundation, today, Xiaobian will tell you when these things should be used. Many people have the habit of makeup. In fact, makeup is not a difficult thing, as long as you master every step of it and the skills contained in each step, it is a very simple thing to make a satisfactory makeup. For makeup novices, it is more difficult for them to understand the order in which sunscreen and liquid foundation are used in makeup. Don't worry, next, I'll tell you when and how to use the three in the makeup process. The complete makeup is composed of two parts, in addition to the makeup part, there is a skin care part. Don't ignore the importance of skin care for makeup, stable skin can make us look natural. Therefore, it is essential to do a good job of skin care before makeup. When it comes to skin care, many people know to wash their faces, pat the lotion, and then apply a little moisturizing lotion. However, in makeup, our skin care step should be added, that is, sunscreen, which is essential. Many people will ignore or deliberately skip this step. They think that the subsequent isolation or liquid foundation is also marked with a sunscreen factor, so there is no need to use sunscreen alone. This is wrong, it is possible that the isolation and foundation liquid do contain sunscreen substances, but their dosage is too small to prevent sunscreen. After applying sunscreen, you should apply the cream. Although the product positioning of the cream is to isolate the makeup and skin, this is actually a gimmick of the merchant. It does not really isolate. Regardless of the fact that the cream will have the function of retouching or filling the pores, it is also a good choice to apply the isolation before makeup. Then there is the liquid foundation. The Liquid Foundation is a very important part of the makeup. The use of the liquid foundation will definitely add to our makeup. In the use of liquid foundation, many people will make a mistake, that is, too much one-time coating, at this time it is likely to appear fake white or even mask face. Therefore, when using the liquid foundation, we should use it in a small amount and try to control its dosage to make the makeup more natural and clear.
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