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What XJ Beauty Skin Care Manufacturer Could Do For You?

What XJ Beauty Skin Care Manufacturer Could Do For You?


In daily life, the people who love beauty almost reaches the level of obsession of skin care. But there is nothing wrong with it. Who doesn’t want to be beautiful all day long, a good image will also enhance his temperament, and it is very helpful to socialize abroad. The importance of skin care is also highlighted. And sometimes you need help, for example, the skin care manufacturer. Then, what skin care manufacturer could do for you? We XJ Beauty cosmetic manufacturer will tell to you next.


Cosmetic Manufacturer Definition


Simply said, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is the original equipment manufacturer, ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) is the original design manufacturer, and OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer) is the original brand manufacturer. Party A is interested in Party B's production capacity, allowing Party B to produce products designed by Party A, using Party A's trademark. For Party B, this is called OEM; Party A's technology and design are favored by Party B. Party B introduces production and attaches Party B's label. For Party A, this is called ODM; A creates Brand A by itself, and B manufactures and sells products with Brand A. For A, it is called OBM.


Cosmetics OEM factories need to apply for cosmetics production qualifications, but also to meet the environmental protection approval standards. Filling workshops, packaging workshops, and warehouse management are mainly management personnel, and the proportion of salaries is large. The brand side completely consumes resources by investing manpower and material resources in the factory. We XJ Beauty cosmetic manufacturer supports FULL TURN KEY SOLUTIONS. With factories in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong and Zhejiang alongside sourcing and filling partners in the us, Italy, France and south Korea, our clients have agility in access to global innovations, quality manufacturing and price-point control all under the management of xj beauty.


What XJ Beauty Skin Care Manufacturer Could Do For U


First, Custom Formulation Makeup.


Our team of chemists and custom cosmetic formulation have been behind some of the most innovative and award-winning formulations in the industry. They work hand in hand with our product developers and packaging designers, cosmetics manufacturer to ensure that every client product concept is realized to its full potential.


Second, Visionary Packaging.


XJ Beauty offers the most progressive design with a wide range of component and outer packaging options in the industry. From special effect treatments, beauty packaging manufacturer uses endless substrate options and printing techniques. Our design and development team work tirelessly to create show-stopping, innovative and on-brand cosmetics packaging for our clients.


Third, Modern Tools & Bags.


XJ Beauty provides a complete set of customized, high-quality beauty tools including makeup brushes, applicators, tweezers, lash curlers and more. In addition, we offer complete makeup and cosmetic bag development service. The luxe detailing, closures and materials of beauty tools can be designed and manufactured according to your exact specifications.




XJ Beauty is the professional skin care manufacturer who provides OEM/ODM service. If you are searching for the US makeup manufacturers, please contact us. XJ Beauty cosmetic manufacturer could give you the best cosmetic solutions.



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