What skin care products are better for allergic skin?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-03

Allergic skin is actually divided into two types, one is the sensitive muscle we know, and the other is the skin allergy caused by seasonal changes. What skin care products are good for allergic skin? Let's take a look at it.

1.sunscreen skin allergies, must pay attention to sunscreen. This is a place that many people tend to neglect on the issue of 'what skin care products are good for allergic skin. The importance of sun protection is very high. Especially in summer, strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays will stimulate the skin, thus aggravating skin allergy, so be sure to use sunshade, sunglasses and other tools to block ultraviolet rays when you go out, and try to walk in the shadows. Due to the thin stratum corneum of allergic skin and low natural resistance, it is recommended to give priority to sunscreen products specifically for sensitive muscles when selecting.  Generally, such products will be marked 'pass allergy test '. Be sure to avoid some irritating ingredients, such as avophenone, benzophenone, oxybenone, methoxycinnamic acid and p-aminobenzoic acid. Before buying sunscreen, it is also recommended that you conduct a skin test: you can try it on the back of your ear or on the inside of your wrist, if you have symptoms of redness, itching, pain, etc.  within 10 minutes, it means that you have an allergic reaction to this product, then don't buy this. 

2.clean the skin, for the skin that is prone to allergies to lock, in fact, it is not suitable to use too many skin care products, to keep the skin clean and refreshing, but to help the skin recovery. After using sunscreen, aloe vera gel and facial mask, everyone should remember to clean the skin simply on the first night and the next morning. The simplest convenience is to wash your face with cold water. Because cold water can not only increase the skin's resistance, but also shrink pores, making the skin more delicate and smooth. If you feel that the cold water is not clean, you can match the pH value of 6- 7 between the cleanser or plant natural handmade soap to wash your face.                                

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