What should you know before looking for a cosmetics factory?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-03

What should you know before looking for a cosmetics factory? Many American bosses want to have their own brands and products.  Since the rise of cosmetics processing in the 1990s S, it is easy to find factories to process products, however, what do you need to know about brand products? Let's talk about what we should know before looking for a manufacturer. 

1. Each qualified product needs information from the entrusting party and the entrusted party.  As the entrusting party, you need to have your own company (Business License)This is the first condition.

2. Each product has a trademark and needs to receive a trademark acceptance letter from the relevant department before the product can be put on record. Only the products to be put on record can be sold on the market.  The staff of the Food and Drug Administration department will conduct random inspections from time to time, the period from trademark handling to trademark acceptance notice is about 5 months.

3. The selection of products should be based on the customer group.You need to find a relatively experienced factory to make products. Zhejiang XJ cosmetics company has a brand old factory with 1920s years of processing experience, solve all problems for you from planning to sales.

4. The boss is most concerned about the cost, the customer group positioning different investment costs are also different, the production of a mask as an example, the mask product is composed of color box mask bag mask cloth mask liquid, cost is made up of these components.  According to the needs of different customer groups, these components should be weighed to reach the maximum degree of customer demand.                                


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