What should be paid attention to when seeking cooperation from cosmetics OEM manufacturers?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-16
If you want to produce your own cosmetics brand, you need to have a registered company and a registered trademark. If not, then go to the registration and then cooperate with the cosmetics processing company. The company registration fee is about 2000 yuan. If it is fast, it can be completed in 5 to 8 working days; You can register your own company or find some third-party agents to register your company. Internal material cost internal material is the core component of the product, and it is also a crucial component that determines the quality and efficacy of the product. The internal material is based on the product efficacy and cost required by the customer. The cost of the cosmetic material is generally controllable by the customer, and the price is determined according to the effect and the positioning of the brand customer. Cosmetics OEM is a customized and standardized service. Customers can decide their own efficacy and cost. Zhuhai Yuanda Meiye has been focusing on cosmetics OEM/ODM for many years and has more than 1800 kinds of mature product formulas. It can recommend mature formulas to customers. If customers are not satisfied, can also let us according to customer requirements to proofing. The internal material cost is determined according to the customer's requirements and is based on the actual situation. Product inspection and filing fees shall be subject to product inspection and filing after the product is formed. The fees charged by different inspection machines are also different. Basically, cosmetic processing enterprises are responsible for product inspection and filing. The fees charged by different detectors are also different. Different products have different testing fees, and the testing time is generally 7- Within 10 working days, the passing rate of the test reached 99. 9 percent. Zhuhai Yuanda Meiye uniformly assists customers in handling relevant procedures for filing and testing reports. The cost of packaging materials, almost all packaging materials suppliers have requirements for customers, but the order quantity of each supplier is different. The production time of different packaging materials is different, which affects the production time of the product to a certain extent. The production time of glass bottles is about 45 days, and the proofing time is 5-6 days; Aluminum foil bags and cartons are generally produced in 15 days. Many factories do not have aluminum foil bags and cartons. Hose production time is about 25 days, proofing time 7-10 days. The production time of plastic bottles is about 20 days, and the proofing time is also 7-10 days. The above data is for reference only, and the specific quantitative needs to communicate with the packaging material supplier in detail. General cosmetics manufacturers are not responsible for the purchase of packaging materials. Due to frequent contact with packaging materials suppliers and a better understanding of the price and quality of packaging materials, cosmetics manufacturers will give optimization suggestions on packaging materials. If the customer is unable to the packaging industry, the cosmetics manufacturer can assist the customer to negotiate, so that the customer can avoid entering the trap of some bad suppliers. Processing fees and service fees the completion of a product requires filling, coding, labeling, plastic packaging and other links. So many links certainly need to pay manpower and machine tools, cosmetics processing enterprises will charge processing fees and service fees. Processing fees are not necessarily the same according to different product packaging structures of different categories, and complex product processing fees will be higher. However, the quantity of products determines the level of processing fees and follows the principle of large quantity and low price; Because of the large amount, workers will practice and make perfect when they do it, and the cost of maintenance and Machine loss will be shared. The service fee mainly involves design, packaging materials and planning. Different factories have different strengths, and the service fees charged are also very different. The design ability and packaging materials of large factories are rich, and the planning team is strong.
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