What respect should pay attention to when purchasing cosmetics container

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
Cosmetics container now is everywhere, because everywhere, the material of cosmetics container products types in unceasing increase, cause we have points not clear cosmetic containers need pay attention to the place, what bottle like secondary use, accidentally can lead to poisoning results; So today I give everybody with small make up and cosmetics container procurement needs to pay attention to what? 1, the bottle and cover sealing, water vapor permeability. Sealing and water vapor permeability is two important technical index for cosmetic containers, their stability of packaged products play a vital influence. 2, no matter choose what raw material do cosmetic containers, you must conform to the requirements of the non-toxic, no smell, etc, because of the Lord is a great variety of raw materials, which requires comprehensive performance of materials may be chosen, general tablet chooses high density polyethylene, polypropylene, such as the need to transparent polyester bottle (optional PET bottle) Higher performance, such as the need to cut off, and blocking light, opaque, choose brown PET bottles, liquid dosage forms is generally selected cosmetics polypropylene or polyester bottles as the main raw material. At present domestic nutritional health food and food packaging bottle is mainly to do with PET material or HPDE, bottle tops are made of PP material. 3, cosmetics container product quality standards. From the factory product quality standards can analyse and judge the quality of product quality. 4, used for packaging of cosmetics, nutritional health products, food and beverage absolutely cannot use recycled materials of the ministry of health issued 'health food in plastic products and raw materials management measures have a clear rules:' every processing plastic tableware, containers, food packaging materials, shall not use recycled plastics. 'Law is promulgated by November 26, 1990. Raw materials of cosmetics containers when the choice should pay attention to the properties of materials and the packaging of cosmetics, between the two will react, mutual penetration, dissolution, adsorption, affect the cosmetic composition change, in new drug use new cosmetic containers should be advanced and drug test, cosmetics container and on the cosmetics, the compatibility between the drug's packaging to confirm the suitability of cosmetic container 412. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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