What problems should we pay attention to when looking for a cosmetic manufacturer?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-15
With the improvement of people's living standards, women's need for cosmetics is increasing. However, cosmetics are also superior and inferior, and ordinary consumers are difficult to distinguish. So many consumers have doubts about cosmetics processing. What problems should cosmetics processing pay attention? The following XJ editor will introduce you in detail. The following is an introduction to 'analysis of common problems and precautions in cosmetic processing. Consumers seem to hear that cosmetics processing, cosmetics OEM, cosmetics OEM processing and other products will be in conflict. Do they always think that the quality of cosmetics processing products can be used? Is the product regular? And so on. Why do consumers have these impressions? Because many cosmetics brands were produced in small workshops in the past, such as renting a small room with various bottles and raw materials, the environmental sanitation was very poor, and most of the products produced had problems. With the policy of 'two certificates and one certificate', many illegal and compliant small workshops and processing plants have been forced to close down. Now all the surviving factories are legal and compliant. To say that among these factories, which cosmetics processing factory is better? The following is a solution to everyone's misunderstanding of cosmetics processing. 1. How about the quality of cosmetics products? Is it regular? At present, all cosmetic processing plants are qualified for production, and the products produced must be submitted for inspection and filing before they can be sold in the market, moreover, the cosmetics processed by regular OEM are all tested on the cosmetics filing network of the Food and Drug Administration and formally filed. 2. Is the processed cosmetics fake? There are many big brands of cosmetics that are processed on behalf of them. Most of them will be entrusted to the processing factory because the industry has specialization, powerful processing plants have standard production environment and equipment and related testing institutions to test products to ensure product quality. Big brand companies only focus on marketing and promotion. 3. What is the process of cosmetics processing factory? The specific process is customer consultation--On behalf of the processing plant custom samples provided to customers--If the customer feels satisfied, determine the model--Sign a contract--Design packaging materials, copywriting planning--Pick the package material--Production of small goods to send for inspection and filing-- Filing by waiting for the package material supplier to ship the package material to the processing plant--The processing plant will prepare for production after passing the inspection. 4. How much does it cost to process cosmetics? The cost of cosmetics processing mainly includes the company's trademark cost, product cost, packaging material cost, inspection cost and logistics cost, of which the trademark cost can be ignored, because most of the processing plants provide one-stop service, this includes the service of designing trademarks; However, the cost of the product includes the cost of internal materials, processing, filling and packaging, etc. , but these prices are relatively low; The cost of the product and the cost of the package are determined according to the requirements of the customer. The customer is high-end to the product efficacy and packaging, and the price will naturally be high. Cosmetics production and processing factory, Zhejiang BJ makes good products for you, let your brand shine! BJ cosmetics processing manufacturers introduce imported production equipment, 100,000-level purification workshops and many intelligent assembly lines to create your own brand. Produce distinctive and competitive skin care products for you!
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