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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
Different age is suitable for what kind of face film < p> 2017 - 10 - 13 10:24:12 < / p> different age is suitable for what kind of mask, as the growth of the age, the demand of the skin to maintain article is in constant change. OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to tell you that state of the skin should be aimed at different ages, combined with skin problems in the proper use of the mask. 20 - 25 state: skin condition tends to be stable, smooth and elastic, need not the cutin and special care. Mask match: hydrating mask. Select fruits rich in vitamin C and vitamin E facial mask. If feel the skin is oily, still should be done once a week and clean face. Don't use efficacy pack containing active ingredients. 36 - 40 states: skin with natural aging of the skin, such as ultraviolet radiation due to the impact and pressure, have wrinkles, skin feel flabby and lack of flexibility, and sensitive, and significantly reduce the secretion of grease. Mask match: nutrition mask for 1 ~ 2 times a week. Before doing the mask to the cutin of care. 18 - 20 states: skin grease is secreted exuberant, grease, easy to bulky pore, and prone to annoying pimples and acne. Mask match: clean face film. Select the acne acne or mask for skin problems. 25 - 30 skin condition: easy to dry skin, started to get some rough and without burnish. Mask match: weekly nourish and hydrating mask mask of nursing. 30 - Skin condition: 35 years old started to get dark color of skin, fine lines and pigmentation of skin problems. Mask match: clean face film and moisturizing facial mask. Combined with the problem of skin, tie-in with nourishing and whitening skin mask.
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