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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-03
What kind of film will the cosmetic processing factory use to produce facial masks? The cosmetic processing factory has the ability to produce facial masks and provides a large number of facial mask OEM processing services to various brands every year. Mask, the market demand is huge, especially the patch mask, so, what kind of film cloth will cosmetic processing manufacturers use? The customized production of facial mask, the film cloth and formula used are in a state of progress, from the earliest non-woven fabric to today's Silk and biological fiber, which reflects the upgrading of consumers' demand for products. I. Non-woven fabric film cloth this kind of film cloth was first used in facial mask production by cosmetic processing manufacturers. Its material is polymer chips, short fibers and filaments. It is characterized by being fluffy, soft, tough and durable. It is relatively cheap in production cost and lower in cost compared with other types of facial mask cloth. The disadvantage is that the adsorbability is general, and the essence of the mask material is easy to drip. Second, crystal mask film cloth (Silicone film cloth material) The film cloth used by the cosmetic processing factory is made of silica gel, Agar and other gels as the base material. The advantages are direct application, non-touching hands, good sealing performance and mild nature, which are suitable for most skin. The disadvantage is that the use of this crystal-type film cloth, the composition of the opposite film material body is limited, and it is not conducive to the efficacy of the ingredients to care for the skin. Third, silk film cloth silk film cloth is more popular, a large part of mask products use silk film cloth. Silk membrane cloth is divided into domestic silk membrane cloth and imported silk membrane cloth; According to the manufacturing method, it is divided into artificial contract silk film cloth and natural silk film cloth. Its advantages are light and breathable, strong ability to carry mask OEM essence, tough and not easy to tear, good ductility, and very docile. Therefore, cosmetic processing manufacturers generally produce silk masks for cooperative customers. 4. Bio-fiber membrane cloth, which is processed from microbial cellulose produced by fermentation of plant raw materials, has been very popular for some time, but its popularization rate is not high. It has many advantages: superfine fiber, strong adsorbability, tight fitting, super-strong ability to store essence, high elasticity and skin-friendly, which is helpful for skin to absorb nutrient solution. The disadvantage is that when the cosmetic processing factory produces the mask, if this film cloth is used, the OEM processing cost of the mask will be increased. Five, other types of mask film cloth, the following lists several types of film cloth that cosmetic processing manufacturers will use: other types of membrane cloth and membrane cloth material advantages disadvantages fruit fiber membrane cloth wood pulp raw materials, spunlace process soft and comfortable, medium release hydraulic, moderate release hydraulic, easy to tear black carbon membrane cloth plant fibers, bamboo charcoal powder and other soft, strong adsorption clean facial skin hinder the release of functional ingredients, black fiber drops out of chitosan membrane cloth chitin, chitosan fiber antibacterial, transparent, hydrophilic, antistatic, good biocompatibility, promote wound healing, relieve skin cost comparable biological fiber, there are obstacles to the occurrence of effective components. The cosmetics processing factory will use the above film cloth to produce the mask. Usually, the silk mask is processed more, the cost of the film cloth is not high, and the quality is guaranteed. For some low-cost mask oem oem processing, non-woven film cloth will be used. In short, cosmetic processing manufacturers will develop facial mask products according to customers' needs.
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