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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
What kind of company just have the corresponding qualifications to OEM < p> 2017 - 09 - 21 15:26:47 < / p> what kind of enterprise to have appropriate qualifications to OEM? ( In the industry also called OEM) There are some methods for reference. 1. Since is the formal production contract, the compliance of the production site and equipment is essential. If you are too lazy to go to the field. That was only too and relieved. , of course, if the man is your uncle that guy I said the other. 2. than other products, especially since this year, all sales of products on the market must be after the record to circulate on the market. Can help you to fix these problems. Is that you count the renminbi stable operation to the soft foundation, otherwise man uncle three days two head to your home for tea, I don't believe somebody else's clip is a briefcase to come over and you develop feelings. The second point is that the record is good for sales, state approved that undesirable businessman is similar to the toxic mask deeds do it no longer. The quality of knot is too small for good protection. If you have to find these vendors do bad things. The somebody else is also not willing to. With this one will be able to give a lot of small workshop production base to set a threshold. At the same time also guarantee benign and conscience of the industry development. 3. Have their own brand enterprise is a good choice. Why have their own brand manufacturers good matches what to choose? First of all, it is a reflection of own brand cosmetics manufacturer enterprises mature formal. It includes many factors in it. First, explain enterprise marketing experience, second, to see the enterprise for manufacturing a certain strength. The experience of beauty industry comrades is clear.
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