What kind of cream bottle is common

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
Cream is more important in the cosmetics, the drugs category. The market have a larger number. But cream is neither liquid, and solid also some differences, has certain viscosity. So cream bottle packing will be with the other type is different. Cream bottle packaging on the market at present is mainly available in the form of glass, plastic and hoses. The plastic class is given priority to with acrylic cream bottle packaging. Hose cream bottle shape such as toothpaste packaging, are usually loaded cleanser, essence and various kinds of latex, segregation frost. Hose type cream bottle to isolate air and prevent cosmetics, some brands make the appearance of frosted type, feel is very beautiful, and easy to carry, light weight, is the 'regular' female bag. Cosmetics container jar cream jars of this type is relatively common, oval shape, large opening to make people more convenient when daub, fingers to touch any parts inside the bottle, and its modelling also appears high-grade atmosphere, but the opening is too big, every time when use, cosmetics area exposed to the air, easily polluted and metamorphism, after long time on the quality it is poor in the three types. But even so also does not hinder people's love to it, the more expensive products such as face creams, most will still be used wide mouth cream bottle. For acrylic cream bottle packaging advantage is obvious. 1, acrylic cream bottle look like glass, the temperament of high-grade, with massiness, special composite cosmetics packaging requirements. 2, acrylic cream bottle packaging, durable, cream bottle easily broken glass. 3, acrylic cream bottle price cost is low. These are acrylic cream bottle packaging in the cosmetics packaging market popularity. Cosmetic plastic containers acrylic cream bottle, of course, there are some defects. First, acrylic cream bottle sealed performance is not good, after open easily bacteria into the large caliber. This is why medical cream do not use acrylic cream bottle. Second, acrylic cream bottle packaging bad extrusion, a relatively extrusion hose packing more convenient. 485. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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