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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-07
What kind of cosmetics foundry is the most popular? Whether it is a live broadcast of Weiya to earn a suite in Hangzhou, or Li Jiaqi live broadcast 5 minutes to sell 15000 lipstick, or fast anchor Simba live 6 hours sales 1. 400 million yuan. In short, the era of 'live broadcast' has arrived and the supply chain market of 100 billion yuan needs to be explored. Based on this, there are voices in the industry that the new retail has reached a critical stage of power supply, and the wonderful things in 2019 are bound to be carried out around the transformation of the supply chain. The China beauty watch industry found that with the increasingly fierce market competition, new channels to stimulate new demand, as well as their own development and growth needs, encouraging some factories and enterprises to start to reflect on the problems they encounter, and bravely try to change, and strive to achieve 2. 0 to 3. Iterative upgrade in the 0 era. For example, after the launch of the explosive product system, Bawei has built an innovation center and a smart factory; Dongfang shares launched the OBM brand factory project last year; In the past two years, Bo Licheng has actively promoted the all-round supply chain system of his beauty industry in various exhibitions; Bowen is well-known in the industry for its overall brand image. In addition, the 'mask Culture Festival' created by Beihao group is also unique in the industry. In Beihao's view, factories and enterprises that only know about production have no future, only branding factories, combining products with culture, stories, art, etc. is a truly competitive enterprise in the future. The above is the change and innovation of the foundry itself, so as a brand dealer or channel customer who works closely with the foundry, or what are the outside world's views on it, such as industry media and academic associations? This time, China beauty network will take everyone to hear their voices. What is the ideal foundry in the minds of the big brothers? In response, Zheng Yuandong, chairman of Guangzhou mazibao Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. , said, 'We have cooperated with many brands ,(I think the first one)Honesty is very critical; The second is safety. Whether the ingredients of the product are effective and safe is the core of the C- end consumers who will not pay the bill. Shen Haibo, co-CEO of Shenzhen hesulan Cosmetics Co. , Ltd. , said that when choosing a foundry, they will look to the future, 'Do they have to do long-term layout and investment. 'At the same time, in Shen Haibo's view, the most important thing is to return to the product itself,' really do the products we need well. 'It can be seen that integrity, safety and good product quality are the most likely to impress customers and promote cooperation with the foundry. What do you think of the future development trend of cosmetic factories? The '2019 (The third session) China Cosmetics International Summit Forum and 2019 China beauty makeup supply chain Exhibition ', a GUI, producer of China beauty makeup Network, said at the meeting that successful substitute factories in the future will follow such a growth path: The first is category factories; The second is the brand factory; The third is the pinzu factory. The so-called category factory, in simple terms, is dedicated to individual categories to achieve the ultimate, small and beautiful; Brand factories are branded by creating IP. For example, when it comes to making facial masks in the industry, everyone will think of looking for northbell and Beihao; And the Pines factory produces the ethnic effect to inherit and copy the excellent genes. Category factories, for some small and medium-sized factories with small scale and not particularly comprehensive technical reserves, are undoubtedly a breakthrough for good performance growth, at present, this part of cosmetics factories in China account for 80%. In addition, 20% of the factories are fully capable of becoming brand factories and endorsing for the production of high-quality and safe products in China's manufacturing industry. Du Zhiyun, president of Guangdong cosmetics association, pointed out from the perspective of the combination of production, study and research that strengthening the exchange and discussion of technology and scientific and technological innovation will contribute to the improvement of the scientific and technological innovation capability of China's cosmetics industry and will be better tomorrow. Source: China beauty Network
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