What is the specific service process of forcing EM?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-23
Although there are many examples of cosmetics companies entrusting processing plants to produce products, there are still many companies that are not particularly clear about their service processes. A clear understanding of the service process of cosmetics OEM can help enterprises to better cooperate with them. Let's take a look at its service process. Sign an intention cooperation agreement. This agreement can only be signed after the brand company has been inspected. During the inspection, brand companies need to see if the manufacturers meet their needs. That is to see if the manufacturer has the qualification to produce. And whether there is a professional team and special workshop equipment to operate in the production process. If there is no problem with the above, the brand company will communicate its own needs with the manufacturers, such as marketing direction, brand name registration and so on. After all the issues are negotiated, you can start signing an agreement with the oem cosmetics processing factory. Formally sign the contract and pay the advance payment. If you sign a good intention contract, it will not be finished. After all, the formal contract has not yet been signed. In order to sign a formal contract, the processing factory also needs to do product design, plan, sample confirmation, production quantity, overall quotation, packaging cost, etc. After the completion, it needs to be sent to the other party. After negotiation, the other party will sign a formal contract and pay the advance payment. It is worth noting that the advance payment is generally provided by the brand. After all, the investment of the manufacturers is also very large, and at the same time, they are worried that the other party will break the contract, resulting in a large backlog of products. It can also be said that it is a protective measure. Shipped after paying the final payment. After signing the formal contract, the cosmetics OEM began to officially produce. From the strict selection of materials, to the standard production of products, to the Canning, the manufacturers are all in one go. After all the products are produced and packaged in good condition, the final step of inspection is required. This is also a sign of being responsible to customers. Finally, after the brand pays the remaining balance, the manufacturer will ship the goods. And in order to ensure the quality, the manufacturer will send the finished product to a third-party testing organization for inspection. It is a good thing for brands to choose oem cosmetics processing plants. Because it can not only share the advantages of manufacturer's technology and product development, but also promote a lot of cost savings and enhance market activity.
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