What is the price of the cosmetics generation processing?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-08
Every customer consultation or require quotation cosmetics manufacturer processing OEM price is how many money? In raw materials, packaging materials and so on without confirmation will not be able to quote a accurate price, cosmetics manufacturer production will involve many aspects, such as: product development, raw materials procurement, production, and quality control for the record of the product and shipping, these will produce cost, and product quality of high and low will affect the quotation. Cosmetic product costing this, many people know the cartons, transportation, for the record and testing costs have plain code marks a price, also can query to. But have the initial negotiation price is is difficult to make a specific quote a price, usually at a price range, because is not clear what processing requirements, so can quote a price range, the need to OEM cosmetics customers when consulting stick a card details, will start to ask how much is the price, such as: OEM acne cream how many money, how much OEM medicated cream, facial mask tiepai processing 1 box or how much money is 1 piece, cleanser, creams, how much OEM concentrate, these without knowing branded needs and requirements, not accurate quotation, need more communication, in determining the processing details and requirements, you can offer. What are the factors that affect the price? 1, material cost, this determines the product quality, provide different levels of material, in the above quotation, efficacy or difference is to use it. 2 and some auxiliary materials, packaging material, these also affect the price, one of the minimum quantity of an order for some material need very high, the second choice of packaging material is different, the price also will be different, its 3 packets of wood material or design will affect the appearance of the product, a good appearance can also affect the sales quantity. 3, processing fees, this, from the research and development to the finished product passes through every link of the process, production equipment, can produce manpower expenses or losses, so in this aspect will affect the quotation. 4, there are other costs, such as quality inspection, registration, trademark registration, company registration, logistics distribution, etc.
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