What is the penalty area to pay attention to the cosmetics OEM?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-10
1, cost-effective how good foundry can produce out the goods? Whether it is what the price of the product, only one truth throughout: 'has been out of abb cloth with soft nap on the sheep. 'So, if you help some rights and lower the quality of products, the end result is if you can think of, more profitable as shops, they can't help you to make the best goods, cost-effective after all direct costs is over there. Even if some vendors to reduce prices, but the final product quality is the last price with your hook, and that you hold as much as possible! 2, direct costs a lot of the product quality is better? Don't be blinded by the price of the above area. Network technology is developed at this stage of social development of social and economic development of social and economic development and social development of social and economic development, expensive is not necessarily good. Now in the sales market, many high quality famous brands continue to rise in price, but quality is not very good. The whole class is a very common thing, even if you may want to improve management and whether you also as soon as possible to grasp the cast of bearing right. 3, the same product quality appear the difference? Before the first collaboration, convinced that many people go to visit the factory workshop to carry out the investigation research, survey research, whether it is you do you remember you have a customer is, saw the same product in the cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer process, but found that the product quality is not the same, ask the commodities products under the product quality inspection work, also couldn't say for sure what's going on, so be careful choose cooperation manufacturers. 4, order information can most manufacturing must go home now? A small cosmetics manufacturer OEM manufacturers, are all delay time delivery time, this is a very headache for many customers. To survey on the spot under the condition of the vast majority of manufacturers say their own goods good, will be on time or even early delivery, but the real collaboration at the beginning, will appear all sorts of delay time, manufacturers will also find a variety of reasons.
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