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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-02
What is the minimum order quantity for cosmetics OEM? What is the minimum order quantity for cosmetics OEM? This is a problem that many new customers are very concerned about. Many customers want to take a small production model so that they can test products at a low cost. However, cosmetics manufacturers have requirements for the minimum order quantity of cosmetics OEM processing. The minimum order quantity required by large-scale cosmetics manufacturers for bottled cosmetics is mostly over 5000, 6000 bottles, or even 10000 bottles. What is the minimum order quantity for cosmetics OEM processing? Requirements for cosmetics OEM processing: customers need cosmetics OEM processing services and need to provide cosmetics manufacturers with certificates such as 'business license' and 'registered trademark, these materials are needed in the following product testing and filing. At the same time, it is necessary to sign relevant contract texts and entrusted production written documents. Second, cosmetics OEM processing MOQ requirements: different cosmetics manufacturers have different requirements for cosmetics OEM processing MOQ. A few years ago, cosmetics manufacturers of all sizes had mixed products. There is a big difference in the standard of the minimum order quantity for cosmetics OEM processing. Some small workshops will have dozens of people doing it in the production quantity of cosmetics, but the quality is hard to say. However, some regular cosmetic manufacturers have certain quantity requirements on the minimum order quantity, mostly about 5000 bottles and about 30000 pieces of facial mask. The number of cosmetics processed should be determined according to the specific project. In 2016, the two certificates were combined, and many non-standard processing enterprises were indeed eliminated. Therefore, the problem of the order quantity of cosmetics OEM processing is often done according to the rules of the industry. The average order quantity of bottled products is about 5000, and the average mask is about 30000. Of course, cosmetics OEM processing MOQ should be based on the actual cosmetics processing projects. For specific details, please consult duoyan cosmetics manufacturer.
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