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by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-21
What is the finished product processed by cosmetics? Compared with the semi-finished product processed by cosmetics. The finished products produced by the cosmetics processing factory have complete packaging, which can be supplied to the market for sale, and can be used when the packaging is removed. The following figure shows a variety of finished products produced by cosmetics OEM manufacturers, such as facial masks, water cream and so on. Cosmetics processing finished products display 1. Cosmetics processing production process: Before any finished product leaves the factory, it will go through the production process of the cosmetics processing manufacturer system. Procurement from packaging materials and raw materials; Then to the package material cleaning and disinfection code, raw material ingredients emulsification processing; Finally, the filling operation and packaging are put into storage. This set of processes will cost a lot of manpower and material resources. However, every finished cosmetic product is produced by the manufacturer. Cosmetics processing process, second, cosmetics processing requirements for the workshop: for some nutritious cosmetics processing, the finished products will be exposed in the air in some links. However, in the environment we live in, the number of dust particles and tiny creatures in the air is very large. However, cosmetics manufacturers are very particular about the construction of production workshops. The cleanliness of production workshops in many excellent factories can reach the 100 thousand GMP pharmaceutical standard. The smaller the order of magnitude, the cleaner the air, the better the quality of the finished products processed by cosmetics. The production of cosmetics processing finished products has high requirements on the workshop environment. For many cosmetics processing customers, in addition to the cost of cosmetics processing, we should also pay attention to the hardware and software capabilities of this company. After all, the quality assurance of finished cosmetics is a necessary condition for the long-term development of the brand. This article summarizes: What is the finished product of cosmetics? It is the products of the bottles and cans that you can see on the market, you can buy them directly and use them. Compared with the semi-finished cosmetics processing, the finished product is a product that has been produced and does not need to be processed again. After the semi-finished product filling process is completed, the package is the finished product.
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