What is the film of face of OEM: good mask? 1 yuan 1 piece of mask and 100 pieces of 1 piece of mask has much difference

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
Everyone is looking for a suitable for their own mask, so good 'mask' is what? Mask can't buy, today small make up to tell you: 1 yuan 1 piece of mask and 100 pieces of 1 piece of mask how much difference?

membrane cloth materials play a decisive factor

a mask to have good joint degree and carrying capacity of the essence, the key factors and the selection of membrane cloth has a lot to do.

on the market more common facial mask material material from coarse to subdivided into non-woven fabrics, silk & amp; Three kinds of fibers and the face film, fiber is the most exquisite biological fiber, fiber can do 20 nanometers in diameter, what is this concept? A hair 1000 times thicker than biological fiber mask of fiber. And the traditional fiber non-woven mask about 100 times thicker than biological fiber mask.

from carrying the extent of the essence, the bearing capacity of the biological fiber mask is much better than the ordinary non-woven, can absorb more moisture at the same time, also can keep the water longer.

in terms of cost of biological fibers because of its harsh training environment, to much on the high cost, and the ordinary non-woven mask can sell to 1 yuan 1 piece, cost.

of course, even the same material of membrane cloth inside and in 369, we are familiar with black mask also falls into the class of non-woven mask, with non-woven fabric, black mask use because of the advanced long for carbon materials, the cost will be higher than ordinary mask several notches. The same biological fiber mask, some manufacturers because the technology co. , LTD. , will use some chemicals when a rinse membrane cloth destroy the integrity of biological fiber can cause use effect and the price difference.

as for silk mask, due to the limited raw materials production, currently on the market many manufacturers use may not be the pure silk material.

essence has multiple also has exquisite

with the membrane cloth, XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing factory is going to tell you about essence, actually on the market all kinds of mask will use different essence, composition, function, each has his strong point, don't say who good who bad, but usually notice that it is best not to have alcohol in his mask, acidity, mercury, the composition such as hormones, lest cause stimulation to the skin. These are all male cicadas. XJ Beauty mask OEM, taking natural herbal extract essence, no additives, no hormones, skin care, starting from the natural skin ~

a mask should weigh?

25 ml is now on the market a lot of face film mark specifications, because the capacity of ordinary non-woven mask usually are below 25 ml, and better biological fibers of the specifications of the mask a bag can reach 40 ml, extension or membrane cloth can carry essence capacity, this cloth has a lot to do with what material to choose the membrane.

in our contact with brands have deliberately requirements increase the thickness of the membrane cloth to absorb more essence, so that we can achieve better effect, but also to a certain extent, the sacrifice of face film experience, also depend on yourself to weigh the pros and cons of them.

mask why use aluminum foil bag?

mask usually choose aluminum foil bags to packaging, because its surface usually has the gloss characteristics, and take the multilayer production, the aluminum foil bag has good shading sex, if add the mask for some raw material is more sensitive to light, the aluminum foil bag will have very good protection effect.

aluminum foil bag and strong insulated at the same time, since it has good oil resistance and softness, avoid the great degree the mask raw materials and packaging all kinds of physical or chemical reaction, can effectively ensure the safety mask in the transportation and storage.

why a film on the mask?

mask of pearl paper is actually a 'coat hanger', its function is used to secure the mask, because the mask very light thin diaphragm itself, not the shape of pearl paper, facial mask may be pulled in the process of using or storage or broken.

XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing factory to say with you so much, you should also know how many such a membrane technology content, 1 yuan 1 piece of mask and 100 pieces of 1 piece of mask how much difference between everyone in the mind also is almost the several.

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