What is the domestic cosmetics research and development status quo?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03

the processing cosmetics manufacturer factory is good, basically see the four aspects: laboratory, production line respectively, organizational unit, the relationship between the users. Among them, the 'lab' refers to the enterprise development needs of the core technology, focus on technological innovation. And enterprise technology innovation, the core technology research and development is inseparable from the professional r&d team, no matter what industry are the same. So if continuous technology innovation is the soul of an enterprise, the professional r&d team is the foundation of enterprise technology innovation, technology research and development, and many brands abroad, every year spend heavily on research and development new products, is in order to better face the market, and the present situation of the domestic cosmetics r&d what advantage?

1, as the Chinese cosmetics market is getting mature, and the brand and the products has become increasingly saturated.

there are more and more entrepreneurs in the industry are aware, technology innovation and the core technology of moving the 'lifeline' of the enterprise. In reality, however, research and development to the local cosmetics enterprises long-term marginalized status. Why do you say that?

2, micro, small and medium enterprises struggle!

it is understood that 90% in Chinese manufacturing enterprises 92% belong to micro, small and medium enterprises, the lack of capacity to their living environment difficult. Even higher degrees of freedom of industry competition, the threshold is lower, but the competition is intense, serious homogeneity, we can only survive in a place. And, research and development itself is a high cost, time-consuming, especially need to bear the high risk investment. Micro, small and medium enterprises because of the capital, resources, platform limit 'wear out'. It is known that local cosmetics enterprises on technology research and development funding, an average of less than 0. 5%.

3, national protection of intellectual property rights have not perfect!

some companies formed something for nothing 'intellectual property' thinking, curing on r&d investment little, plagiarism, modelled on the cast iron. In addition, personnel resource is very scarce. As is known to all, China's cosmetics have through 30 years of development history, the whole process has experienced three times: the first is that high and luxury; Followed by, from luxury down the altars for garbage; Finally, from the waste back to the time of origin. Technology at the second time, the industry overall is low, the value of r&d staff also will be devalued, it also makes the technology talents gather together in food, medicine and life science industries, and cosmetics industry technical personnel, mostly from the chemical industry, or other industry halfway decent, industry professionals accounted for less than 40%.

these reality, lead to industry now widespread phenomenon: that need to be at least 30 technical personnel to complete research and development work, only equipped with 1 - micro, small and medium enterprises Two engineers. This is simply not up to the standard of the technology innovation and core technology research and development, so the domestic research and development team, and there are many need to strengthen. But XJ Beauty has 42, Ph. D. , 60 biological chemical Dr. Master's research team, far ahead of many of his peers.

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