What is the distinguishing feature of polyethylene cosmetics container

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
Polyethylene containers acid, alkaline, but no resistance to many organic solvents, and nylon container hydrocarbon and organic solvent resistance, but poor acid-proof alkaline ( Especially the acidproof performance difference) And so on. Polycarbonate bottles can be used for high temperature filling goods ( Such as fruit juice) Packaging, but if the polycarbonate bottle used for holding need good barrier property of fizzy drinks, To prevent carbon dioxide from the beverage escape) Or cooking oil ( To prevent oxygen into the bottle, lest the cooking oil oxidation and rancidity) , is not well protect the goods, not the ideal packing effect; With ordinary polyester stretch packaging bottle of carbonated drinks, can effectively prevent the beverage of carbon dioxide in the escape, Polyester stretch bottle of blocking high performance) , be used for packaging of edible oil, can delay the oxidation of the cooking oil and prolong the shelf life ( Polyester stretch bottle of oxygen barrier performance is good, can effectively prevent the oxygen from the atmosphere through the wall into the bottle container) , but use it for packing items like high temperature filling juice, when high temperature filling, polyester stretch bottle will happen serious metamorphic lost their use value. Polyethylene cosmetics container can dress materials such as acid and alkali and unfavorable dressed organic solvent such as benzene, toluene ( Polyethylene bottle swelling strength significantly decreased or organic solvents by the container wall escape) And nylon container is unfavorable storage materials such as acid and alkali, but used to dress up organic solvent such as benzene, xylene is very appropriate. On polyethylene formula design should pay attention to the following: ( 1) All kinds of polyethylene and ethylene copolymer. Ethylene vinyl acetate (with such as: EVA) , ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer has good compatibility, so it can blend modification to improve the performance of the blend; ( 2) The same product type, such as film, can be made of a variety of production process. The same kind of raw material, due to the difference of production technology, the performance of product is can make a big difference; Even if the same kind of products of the same kind of raw material and production process, the use of different process parameters, the performance of the product also can have differences, therefore, in pay attention to production formula, process should also be noted in the production of temperature, shear stress, the parameters such as draw ratio; ( 3) When using rubber and plastic blending modification, good use of powdered rubber, or double roller rubber mixing machine should be used fully and plastic mixing, pelletizing after reproduction, not easy to disperse into the plastic or rubber, the use of functional materials such as: filling agent, antioxidant, antistatic agent such as modification, good use of masterbatch, in order to achieve more even add effect; ( 4) The important principle of formula is under the condition of fully meet the requirements of the use of products use cheap, simple production method. The modified with chemical modification and physical modification of plastics, blending recipe is a physical modification, laminated ( 纹理) Is also a kind of modification. Even two fully compatible materials, should also fully mix will have good results. The performance of the blend are two fully compatible with the performance of the material it blend in the weight percent of the sum of the product. 402. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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