What is the distinguishing feature of cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturer of vacuum flask

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-15
Now we often see the vacuum bottle is made of the spheroid container and a piston, through the spring force, don't let the contraction force air into the bottle, and then use the atmospheric pressure to the piston forward. But we must pay attention to is not able to make between the piston and the bottle wall contraction force is too large, or we can be particularly difficult to promote. Of course, if special force can advance will also have an impact on the normal use, leak, hence high to the requirement of the cosmetics manufacturer. Can say the launch of the vacuum flask, gives us great convenience, especially for female cosmetic industry. Can effectively guarantee the quality of products, to maintain freshness. But because the structure of the vacuum is more complex, so in terms of price is relatively high. Now we are not in use of vacuum flask. Believe that as consumers demand would become more and more progress, to meet the needs of different class to protect skin to taste fresh. Through the above introduction I believe you have a pretty understanding to vacuum flask, everyone understand the role of this bottle, believe the future will be more widely applied. , beauty cosmetics bottles manufacturer of the contents of the vacuum flask and air can be completely cut off, avoid the product due to exposure to air oxidation, bacteria, and with its high-tech concept promotion product. On the market of vacuum flask is made up of a cylinder into spheroid container plus a placed at the bottom of the piston. Its design principle is to use a contraction of the spring force, and do not let air into the bottle, create a vacuum, and the use of atmospheric pressure to push the bottom of the piston to move forward. But because of the spring force and the atmospheric pressure can't give enough power, so the piston can't and bottle wall joint is too tight, otherwise the piston will be caused by the rise of resistance to progress; On the other hand, if you want to get piston is easy going and easy leakage of material condition, therefore the vacuum bottle is very high to the requirement of manufacturers professional. The use of vacuum bottle in order to make the material and isolated from the air, so that the material is oxidation, bacteria, which affect our normal use. It's the concept of high-tech can improve the grade of the product, so to the requirement of producers of course is also greatly improved, need specialized production. Because it is vacuum saves a lot of components, thus saving a lot of resources, in environmental protection is also very good. Because of the structure of the demand is higher, it also ACTS on the cosmetics manufacturer's demand is high, believe that we are in the process of using the probability of problems is very low. Using vacuum bottle packaging cosmetics can not only guarantee the quality of cosmetics, and can make makeup look generous appearance. 436. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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