What is the distinguishing feature of common cosmetics container spray bottle

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
The definition of a spray bottle: as the name suggests, is that it is a kind of can form a spray bottle. In life, a spray bottle belongs to is a device for making artificial fog can collectively. Spray bottle is mainly used in medicine bottle, cosmetics containers and chemical bottle packaging market, through the nozzle to spray control technology, can grasp the good dose used degree. Environmental protection practical spray bottle complete sets of equipment: it is composed of sturdy bottle and the bottle of exchangeable. New bottle bag technology with and the general structure of airless spraying the bottle replacement is a kind of contains a separate, but you have to manually put the aluminum foil bag to the airless bottle extrusion. The spray as a form of using water, used mainly for filling water. For example, people in very dry conditions ( Desert, or air conditioning room) , or at the time of normal make-up, a makeup artist might be not easy on the makeup of the face, and use the spray, or spray to sponge with powder, the powder. Spray bottle, the production principle of forming high pressure system is in the bottle, at a higher pressure drop inside the bottle of liquid in the form of extremely subtle grain water injection. Because, these are ejected liquid, water and nature of fog effect and form are very similar, so this kind of bottle is known as a spray bottle. Cosmetic plastic containers of commonly used production process has two kinds: one kind is: crowded blowing process, the plastic raw materials to join in the extruder, by heating the molten plasticizing extruder melting parison, add the bottle blow molding mold, cooling stereotypes from the mold after, in addition to scrap edge after finished product. This process is mainly used to produce PE, PVC plastic bottles. Another kind is: injection blowing process, the plastic raw materials by the injection molding machine injection molding tubular billet type, and then put into bottles regularly stretch blow molding injection mold, after cooling for finished products. This process is mainly used to produce PET bottles. 434. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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