What is the difference between makeup remover and cleansing oil? Which one is better?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-03

The characteristics of the makeup remover, the texture of the makeup remover is relatively light and thin, with the feeling of moisturizing and removing makeup.  The makeup remover is safe, mild, and has little irritation to the skin.  It is suitable for large-area makeup remover. Generally used to remove light makeup. The Makeup Remover combines the water-insoluble ingredients in the product with the dirt on the skin to achieve rapid makeup removal.

The characteristics of Cleansing Oil, cleansing oil is the most outstanding beauty products in recent years, its main ingredients are oils and emulsifiers. The role of the grease is to make makeup and oil-soluble dirt (Such as oil secreted by pores, sunscreen, etc)Dissolve. However, there are different types of oils and fats, and their effects are not the same. There is no absolute good or bad.  

According to the characteristics of makeup remover and cleansing oil, if you are dry skin, you can use makeup remover.  

If it is oily skin, it is recommended to use makeup remover. At the same time, it is also decided according to the makeup of your own makeup.  

Light makeup is suitable for makeup remover, and heavy makeup requires cleansing oil to be completely unloaded! The texture is not the same, the water is the thinnest, suitable for unloading eyes, lips, these very thin skin, because some people use oil to remove eye makeup, it is easy to enter the eyes, causing blurred eyes, etc, there is relatively no problem with water. Makeup Remover and cleansing oil are actually similar, but most people like cleansing oil because it is more comfortable and cleaner. The choice of makeup remover, makeup remover is very simple, first clean your hands, then dry, remember to ensure that the dry face is dry before removing makeup (Unless your makeup remover has other special requirements) Then take a proper amount of makeup remover, then apply it on the palm of your hand, then apply it on your face, and massage the skin in a circle, especially don't forget the position of the nose that is easy to get powder. After the face makeup is almost dissolved, it will be washed away with flowing water, and then washed with cleansing products such as facial cleanser.  

This massage-type makeup remover is more suitable for cleansing oil, and you are a full-face makeup remover, Xiaobian recommends this, don't think that the cleansing oil must be too heavy, you can choose the right product, and the foundation is in the pores, you use a massage to remove it more cleanly, and the makeup remover is less comfortable to massage.                                

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