What is the cosmetics OEM whitening process?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
Because of the female friends love of whitening products, whitening process has been cosmetics manufacturer OEM popular project. So how to achieve the effect of whitening care? Today XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM research center, small make up take you know together those cosmetics manufacturer OEM whitening process. XJ Beauty, professional cosmetics OEM, generation of processing 1, reduce melanin, similar concepts and 'prevention is better than cure' : use sunscreen lotion to make the skin white due to lack of stimulation of melanin. This kind of whitening products usually add have a sun protection factor. 2, accelerate the metabolism of already pigmentation of cuticle cells: alpha hydroxy acid and A alcohol can promote skin metabolism. They can help eliminate pigmentation have appeared on cells, make skin look more bright, also can make the update of cells at the grass-roots level to speed up its growth division. This number of melanin cells into adjacent cells is less, the skin will be obviously become white. 3, reduce the new pigment biosynthetic: about the role of such composition process currently on the market to sell products containing ingredients are effective inhibit tyrosine enzyme. Usually such derivatives can not have both safety and efficacy. Hydroquinone, for example, the active ingredient for allegedly toxic was gradually abandoned. So, in recent years, a new generation of functional ingredients whitening products has become the focus of many in the industry and development focus - - - - - - - - - - - - Ursolic acid, its structure is hydroquinone dextrose glucoside, inhibit tyrosine enzyme and work; The stimulating and sensitivity than benzodiazepines. Use concentration between 1% The best 10%, higher than 5%. Soluble in water, need to add stabilizer to avoid the color change in the final formula. Kojic acid, its utility is in observation sake brewing workers hand to bleach. It can effectively inhibit tyrosine enzyme, soluble in water, using concentration between 1% 3%, non-toxic, after using excitant small, were used as antioxidant in the food industry in Asia. But in beautiful white product application, stability problems in the formula, can make to join kojic acid product to brown. For this reason, in the hairdressing cosmetic of kojic acid were added antioxidant. Palmitic acid kojic acid: by kojic acid derived fat-soluble composition, relative to the sunscreen lotion and its formula may add preservatives, its advantage is in does not affect the activity of them. Although it can inhibit tyrosine enzyme role, but the exact process is still not in the industry completely clear. And through the body experiments show its properties stable, without excitant. Vitamin C derivatives: vitamin C can effectively inhibit tyrosine enzyme, but do not have the corresponding percentage of whitening effect, and therefore the personage inside course of study is its antioxidant effect to reduce further decompose melanin, which had whitening effect. Due to its nature tend to be unstable, so it need to add the other ingredients in the recipe to keep its stability, but may reduce its efficacy. It is worth mentioning that vitamin C magnesium phosphate salt are relatively stable vitamin C derivatives, soluble in water. Used as a skin whitening ingredients, concentration between 5% 10%. Have make skin bright and antioxidant effect, and can stimulate collagen synthesis, are often used in anti-aging skincare product. Outer loop vacuum dispersion flow emulsification system azelaic acid derivatives: the acid caused by yeast scurfy spore fungus of tinea versicolor naturally, through the role of the molecule can make the skin appear pale spot. It is an effective inhibitor of oxidative enzyme, so also can inhibit tyrosine enzyme. Is not sensitive to light, it has good compatibility with the skin, but it is difficult to dissolve, inconvenience and emulsion, in recent years, the afterlife azelaoidiglycine output derivatives, in the mouth of the concentrations of 3% is a significant whitening effect of gel. Plant extract: many plant extracts have the function of the whitening skin, and the current problem is how to correctly identify their internal active ingredients. For example, China rosaceae plant genus pyracantha ( Pyracanthafortuneana) Derivatives, its whitening effect and inhibit tyrosine enzyme, fight group of ammonia are synchronized, though it remains unclear whether these effects from the extract of the same composition, but it contains polyphenols - for sure - - - - - - - - - - - - A new licorice ( Glycyrrhiza glabra) Essential oils for study and referring to many different plants, was identified as whiten function material. In short, the effect of whitening cosmetics OEM process formula mainly depends on the type of the ingredients, people can through the test to evaluate the in vitro and the human body. Research shows, however, several kinds of active ingredients combined with nursing efficacy, but higher than that of single component efficacy of combined. Some ingredients - — Such as lipoic acid, sorbic acid, glucose, GuGuangGan peptide and ammonia - such as cysteine - - - - - - - - - - - - Their beautiful white effect is not big, but combine can improve its efficacy.
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