What is the basic process of EM processing

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-24
Although cosmetics are an indispensable item for women, many people are not very clear about its production process. Especially for cosmetics OEM processing, it is a little knowledge. In fact, in order to ensure product quality, this production process is very complicated and complicated. Let's get to know it together. A series of operations in the production workshop, including batching, stirring, homogenization, etc. After accepting the order, oem cosmetics processing factory needs to make preparations in the production workshop. That is, according to the formula provided by the company, prepare materials and equipment. The processing of general cosmetics requires two or three pots. Of course, the larger the production scale, the more the number of pots needed will increase. After preparing the pot, you can put the material into the pot. The reason for using the pot is to stir the raw materials evenly. This is the first step in making cosmetics. The materials must be evenly stirred before the product quality is more delicate. Water and oil, that is, emulsification. The reason why some brands of cosmetics are good and some brands are poor is that they are emulsified. To emulsify cosmetics, two large pots of water and oil are needed. After dividing, the raw materials are mixed and then homogenized through the pipeline. After completely mixing, add all kinds of active substances, as well as plant flavors, and stir well, you can get out of the pot. Carry out product packaging. That is what we often call cans. Cosmetics OEM processing personnel Put the prepared materials into bottles and cans in batches according to different quantities. Of course, the brands are different, the bottles and cans are different, and the production lines are different. It is worth noting that the Canning is not manually operated, but is automatically canned by efficient machines. Therefore, the amount of each bottle of product is very standard and guaranteed. In addition, through the equipment, the appearance of the product is very clean and tidy, no need to manually scrub. Oem cosmetics processing factory has a standard production workshop. Whether it is equipped with ordinary skin care products or cosmetics with special requirements, there are special workshops. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality, the equipment and management of the workshop link are also very strict. It is worth mentioning that the processing plant, a sterile workshop with GMPC standard, can handle the processing of various cosmetics. Therefore, it can greatly meet the production needs of cosmetics companies.
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