What is the advantage of commonly used cosmetics glass container?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
Cosmetics container is molten glass made of material after blowing, mould forming a transparent container. Glass container is mainly used for packing liquid, solid and liquid beverage goods. Glass is a kind of or various acid salts for transparent material, can according to its raw materials, ingredients, chemical composition, color difference to classification; According to its raw materials manufacturing can be divided into: a glass, sodium, calcium for ordinary glass, used to bottle, cup, shade, and low price of suppressor; Above 2, leaded glass, can be made into smooth, crystal glass, used in tableware and ornaments; 3, color glass, all kinds of metal oxides, add to the glass, can be all sorts of color of the glass. Cosmetic containers, 80% are lightweight disposable bottle. Accurate control of raw material composition, melting the whole process of precise control, small mouth blowing technology ( NNPB) Spray, bottles of cold and hot side, online testing and other advanced technology, is the fundamental guarantee to realize bottles lightweight. Some countries are developing new bottles surface strengthening technology, trying to further reduce the weight of bottles. A German company in bottle wall surface coated with a thin layer of organic resin, produce only 295 grams of 1 liter bottle concentration fruit juice, can prevent the glass scratched, which can improve the container pressure strength by 20%. Currently popular plastic film of label, but also to the lightweighting of glass bottles. It is commonly used packaging container cosmetics glass container. As early as 3000 years ago was used as serving objects, is a kind of packing material with a long history, has the following advantages. (1) bright and transparent, excellent blocking performance. (2) heat resistant, resistant to cleaning, high-temperature sterilization, can also be stored at low temperature, good weatherability. (3) the rich raw material sources, good formability, processing convenience, variety shape flexible, recycling and reuse. (4) non-toxic tasteless, sanitation clean. 5. Excellent chemical stability. 396. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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