What is isolated from the external bacteria vacuum flask

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
Vacuum flask is a can make the gas container sealed off from the outside temperature or bacteria isolated from the external container. Modern thermos is British physicist Sir James dewar invented in 1892. He was on a gas liquefaction research work, liquefied gas in low temperature, first of all need to design a can make the gas container sealed off from the outside temperature, so he please glass technician berger for him blowing a double deck glass container, two layers of wall coated with mercury, and then take away the air between the two layers, forming a vacuum. This vacuum flask is also called & quot; Du bottle & quot; No matter, can make the inside liquid ling, hot temperature of all time. Due to the vacuum flask is mainly used for hot water heat preservation in the family, so it is also called thermos. The structure of the vacuum flask is not complicated. Intermediate for the double deck glass inside, between the two layers into vacuum state, and silver plated or aluminum, vacuum can avoid heat convection, glass itself is a poor conductor of heat, silver plated glass containers can be internal to the external radiation heat reflection back. Cold storage liquid on the other hand, if the bottle, the bottle can prevent the outside heat radiation in the bottle. Vacuum packaging and other cosmetic containers, protective goods, easy to use, transfer information, and beautify the goods, and promote the basic function of sales. Especially its beauty function is particularly important in the cosmetics packaging. The love of beauty of heart, the person all has. ' The love of beauty is human nature, everyone has to travel to the United States, the pursuit of virtue. Women love makeup, and pay money also want to buy low levels of cosmetic appearance, make yourself look attractive. Contents of the vacuum flask and air can be isolated, to avoid the product due to contact with air oxidation, bacteria, and with its high-tech concept promotion product. On the market of cosmetic container vacuum flask is made up of a cylinder into spheroid container plus a placed at the bottom of the piston. Its design principle is to use a contraction of the spring force, and do not let air into the bottle, create a vacuum, and the use of atmospheric pressure to push the bottom of the piston to move forward. But because of the spring force and the atmospheric pressure can't give enough power, so the piston can't and bottle wall joint is too tight, otherwise the piston will be caused by the rise of resistance to progress; On the other hand, if you want to get piston is easy going and easy leakage of material condition, therefore the vacuum bottle is very high to the requirement of manufacturers professional. Along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement and relevant national environmental policy, the production which has the function of degradation plastic containers will become a development trend of green environmental protection. Through research, the biodegradation technology and combined extrusion blow molding technology, developed a biodegradable plastic containers, the product technical performance indicators in line with the requirements of plastic container products, highlights the common function of plastic containers that are not biodegradable, accord with national industrial policy development of green environmental protection packing materials. Products used by the market, reflecting the good, is now in the washing products, sanitary products and other products of pushing factory use the packaging bottle. 482. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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