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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-25
What harm does wrong skin care products bring to your skin? The love of beauty is a woman's nature. She likes to wear beautiful clothes, make a fashionable hairstyle and use cosmetics. Some of them have successfully become radiant goddesses, there is also a large part of the use of inferior cosmetics, and the wrong way of skin care day after day, not to say the beauty, but to disfigure. What harm does inferior skin care products bring? 1. Contact dermatitis of cosmetics: because of the long-term use of cosmetics containing a large number of chemicals and hormones, the skin surface structure is destroyed, and the makeup tools are not clean, the contact dermatitis of cosmetics is caused after a long time of use, most of them occur on the face and neck. 2, cosmetics acne: mainly inferior oily or inferior powder clogged pores lead to sebum excretion disorders, common white head, blackhead, pustule, acne, rash. 3. Abnormal pigment in cosmetics: the skin looks good after contacting cosmetics. Once the use of black pigmentation or yellowing of the face is stopped. 4, cosmetics hair damage: After the use of cosmetics, hair loss, fracture, bifurcation, etc. , some face hair increase. 5, cosmetics hormone dependent dermatitis: after using cosmetics, whitening, acne, smooth and other effects, once you stop using, the hormones added in cosmetics will make the skin have various problems, redness, itching, sensitive, thin cuticle and so on. Got cosmetics skin disease how to do? 1, timely medical treatment, or consult a professional, active treatment, do not delay, the sooner the better treatment. 2. Skin care products with no added ingredients, no hormones, preservatives and flavors should be selected. It is not recommended to use functional whitening products and not too complicated ingredients. 3. Avoid washing your face with too cold or overheated water. Choose a low-foam and mild facial cleanser with a light technique and no more than 2 times a day. 4, pay attention to sunscreen, avoid wind and sun during treatment, do not sauna, do not sweat steam. 5. Hormone-dependent dermatitis caused by cosmetics, because there are many problems on the face, patients are not willing to go out and contact people. Patients must have a good attitude and actively cooperate during treatment, reduce skin irritation caused by negative emotional factors. Conclusion: Be sure to use cosmetics correctly, choose cosmetics suitable for yourself according to your skin type, avoid blindly believing in advertisements, let alone products that work for 3 days, and remember not to sleep with makeup at night, do not use expired or microbial contaminated cosmetics, choose cosmetics must see the ingredients clearly before buying.
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