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by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-11-24
As we all know, medical mask processing is a certain medical background. For some medical skin care products with problematic skin or postoperative care, medical mask processing has stricter production conditions than general skin care products, however, it is also more targeted and the safety indicators are higher. Medical mask processing according to the production standards of medical devices, using medical sterile production lines. For different skin has different advantages, what are the types of medical mask processing? 1. Sensitive skin for sensitive skin mask is a skin problem. Mask processing is mainly due to a series of skin problems such as skin itching, tingling and acne caused by skin barrier damage and skin inflammation. Mask processing mask can effectively repair the skin barrier for sensitive skin, and it is easy to cause skin reaction without adding any chemical agents such as hormones and antibiotics. The mask processed by the mask with quality assurance and low price is used to protect normal skin, it can be used as an auxiliary treatment for sensitive skin and skin diseases, reduce skin symptoms, reduce drug dosage, prevent recurrence of skin diseases, and has good safety. 2. The mask for the wound skin mask is mainly due to skin diseases or trauma, or skin trauma caused by cosmetic surgery, easy infection, inflammation and a series of skin problems. At present, the more common cover is non-woven mask, silk mask and pulp fiber mask. With its excellent toughness and tension, it can fit the whole face without clearance accuracy, enter the skin groove deeply, and easily penetrate into the bottom of the muscle with high concentration of nutrient essence layer. The medical mask not only strictly screens the raw materials, but also the safety and effectiveness of the products have been tested and clinically verified, and the mechanism is more clear. In addition to the above, the mask processing factory also brings many types of masks to dry skin users. Skin drying refers to the phenomenon of discomfort in the absence of moisture in the skin. The main symptoms are tightening of the skin, drying and peeling of individual parts, and avoiding itching after bathing. The facial mask of the company specializing in mask processing can effectively replenish water and moisturize, lock water to repair, reduce skin symptoms, reduce medication dosage, and prevent recurrence of skin diseases.
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