What are the skin aging performance? How to advance? 吗?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Our skin skin, if do not pay attention to maintenance, so as the years went by, our skin ageing. Considering from the perspective of beauty, how to do to keep skin young? You need in daily skin care, pay attention to the 'red light' of skin aging. Our skin skin, if do not pay attention to maintenance, so as the years went by, our skin ageing. Considering from the perspective of beauty, how to do to keep skin young? You need in daily skin care, pay attention to the 'red light' of skin aging. 1. Increased hair loss condition: female kidney gas peak period is about 21, 22, 25 years old, began to decline gradually, show the hair luster, no longer feel dull, if hard brush their hair, hair fell significantly more than once. If and when there is a morning eyelid edema, specification kidney will not be able to use the formation of urine discharge toxins from the body in time, functions are in decline. Response: in order to prevent the premature occurrence kidney, women might as well take health + tonic foods. Preserve one's health is mainly refers to physical exercise and the bedroom proper restraint, to eat the mean in general is beautiful winter supplements can eat more at ordinary times some help kidney Yin tonic foods, such as yam is a very good nourishing food, tonifying qi and Yin, also can boil Chinese wolfberry removing kidney gas mutton soup. 2. Ligament fragile condition: compared with men, women are more likely to strain ligament of knee and ankle joint. Once a torn ligament, need months to heal. Doctors think it might be women wide hip to knee, ankle ligaments are under more force, but a woman's ligament is more fragile than men by nature. Response: every day wake up don't forget to the whole body stretch, it can make muscles to wake up, can also be soft tendon, ligament, joint. Women poor adaptability of heavy activity, easy to cause muscle and ligament strain, so should pay attention to in the sports exercises and step by step. More choice of relying mainly on the leg of a variety of sports activities. Table tennis, badminton, swimming, skating, aerobics exercise can strengthen the leg jumping ability, enhance the flexibility of the muscles and ligaments, at the same time also can make your legs will be long. 3. Disease symptoms of breast cancer: breast cancer has risen to the first female tumor. Different people at different times, although the appearance of normal breast diversification, but its contour always should be round, no matter from what Angle to observe the shape curve, always keep the appearance of the smooth level off. If the curve and the outline of any dents or uplift, suggests that it breasts may have lesions. In general, the shape of the malignant tumor is irregular, constrained boundary is not clear, the activity, the surface is not smooth, and benign tumors, on the other hand. Response: avoid to stimulate breast with hot water when bathing, more do not long soak in hot water. Sleep supine posture to the best, in order to avoid side extrusion breast. It is advisable to choose bra to make the breast has not oppressive feeling. Right amount to eat some fish, meat and dairy products, can add a small amount of fat, the breast sufficient nutrition supply, to keep its fullness. Do a monthly breast self-exams, every three years for a breast examination ( Women aged 35 for a mammogram) 。 4. Frequent headache symptoms: the head pain often jump jump, or if something wrapped in the head, twisted with pain, accompanied by dizziness phenomenon. Work with the eye excessive, focus on the screen for a long time, lack of sleep, pressure is too heavy, are the direct causes of headache. In addition, the posture is not correct, nervous rhythm of work and sleep too much may cause headaches. Response: relax mood and body, close your eyes, or to do some simple stretches outside. Open the window to let indoor air circulation, or leave the desk, wearing headphones to listen to music. Headache don't want disorderly eat painkillers, it will only be on the feeling of pain dulled, damage of brain, but could not solve the fundamental problem. 5. Skin coarse conditions: after long-term stay up late to work overtime, to pay attention to observe their skin conditions: if too many spots cheek place, not only may herald a partial damage your liver function, also may herald a pelvic inflammatory disease, mastitis, breast lobular hyperplasia, cervicitis, and many other gynecological disease. Response: want to eat more rough machining of rice, whole wheat flour and grains, but should also eat more liver. Rely mainly on fruits, vegetables, vitamin C content is rich, can satisfy the normal diet. If you are taking birth control pills, it will add more vitamin C, in order to protect the liver and sexual function. Above these skin care knowledge, for you to prevent skin aging, protect the skin healthy and has a good effect. Healthy skin, can you have perfect skin. So, if you want to make the skin get more care, know more about skin care methods, or very be necessary.
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