What are the requirements and process cosmetics OEM products for the record?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
For many cosmetics generation processing customers, especially for the first time to do the cosmetics OEM cosmetics investors, to record what need to do the work, need to prepare what data are very curious. Today under the complex large biological cosmetics OEM will explain for everybody generally normal product ( Input, the special use cosmetics) The registration process and need to prepare the materials. Domestic cosmetics for special filing registration certificate for the record requirements: 1. In the province of the produce of the enterprise shall obtain the 'hygiene license' of the special use cosmetics are shall apply for registration for the special use cosmetics for the record registration certificate; 2. Production enterprises for product quality, safety, and its effect on the claim that the first responsible person, and the authenticity of the submitted for the record data and samples of, undertake corresponding legal responsibility. Provincial food and drug administration does not record health security technology product review. 'Registration certificate' is not as recognition of sanitary quality of the products, the enterprise shall not be put on record proof number as the content of the propaganda; 3. Change the product formula, the product label, shall be carried out according to the new products for the record; 4. The same sales kit contains multiple products with product name, product, respectively, for the record. The same products have more than one product specification, type, shall be respectively on domestic special use cosmetics manufacturer for the record registration certificate; 5. Processing products commissioned by the production enterprises for the record; 6. Do not break up in the same sales package contains multiple products, and only one product name, can be in accordance with a product for the record; 7. Apply for registration of the product specification, type, formulation and production process, such as the same, but different product label trademarks or product names, should according to different products, respectively, for the record. Application of domestic cosmetics manufacturer for special filing, shall submit the following documents: 1, the domestic cosmetics for special filing application form; 2, product name basis; 3, the product formula, Do not include content, except for restricted substances) ; 4, product production process description and diagram; 5, the product production equipment list; 6, product quality and safety control requirements; 7, special cosmetics filing product design packaging ( Including product labels, product data sheet) ; 8, the inspection organizations designated by the food and drug supervision and administration department at the provincial level ( Hereinafter referred to as the inspection institutions) Issued by the inspection reports and related data; A possible security risk in 9, product information on safety assessment of materials; 10, production enterprise hygiene licence photocopy; 11, other entrusted hygiene license copy ( If you have entrusted production) ; 12, entrust agreement copy ( If you have entrusted production) ; 13, may help the record of other materials. This is just a normal product registration process, imported products and special processes are not quite same, later we will have a special story. Brand customers in and cosmetics OEM/ODM processing plant in the process of cooperation, in fact, understand the process, and provide cosmetics OEM/ODM processing factory need to provide documents. Understand these, you would of cosmetics for the record have a comprehensive understanding. We after big biological OEM one-stop service is a cosmetics cosmetics manufacturers, planning, design, for the record, the production, sale, transportation, one-stop service. Looking forward to everybody together to negotiate OEM/ODM business.
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