What are the needed for daily cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
In fact, our skin in daily life is very much, and the problems faced, such as pollution, ultraviolet light, life and our usual often stay up late, and so on can make our skin aging, but everyone did not notice at ordinary times. So, daily life or need some skin care products to maintain their own skin, can appear otherwise this age shouldn't some old, so, in this article, we specialize in the processing of cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers XJ Beauty is to say with you what are needed for daily cosmetics, facial: XJ Beauty thinks, clean the skin is the first step of skin care cosmetic, if daily cleaning job not well done, any maintain article don't work, and the face clean is particularly important. 1, cleanser: every man according to his own skin, and the change of seasons to tweak use different foam cleanser, only the same is careful not to overly clean. 2, toner: toner have again clean the skin, balance skin PH value, replenish moisture, strengthening the effect of sebum membrane, any skin type, any season should use make up water, keep skin weak acid condition ( 4. 5 - 6. 5) 。 To note here is that everyone should pay attention to see the part when the choose and buy make up water, the water contains a lot of alcohol on the skin is bad. 3, essence, essence can promote absorption of deep maintenance, accelerate metabolism and potent effect such as supplement, essence and general eye cream as in the water, the dosage of the essence are generally less, dipped in soybean grain size, massage gently daub on face. 4, cream, cream after using essence, has a layer of moisturizing the skin water locking effect, the dosage of the cream is about 2 times the essence, pour in front finger, gently massage on face film absorption. OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer XJ Beauty in this remind everybody, every man according to his own skin is to select the emulsion ( Mixed oil, oil) Or cream ( Neutral and dry) 。 5, isolation is prevented bask in: sunscreen's main function is to prevent ultraviolet ray, segregation frost in addition to defense uv rays, pollution, and also can resist outside computer electrostatic dust. Eye: the most commonly used is the eye cream, eye cream is a relatively easy to overlook the steps, commonly used in the water. According to the age of the skin, choose suitable eye cream for girls in their early 20 s type we can choose a moisturizing, 25 years old or so we're going to choose fight decline type efficacy.
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