What are the main ingredients, moisturizing effect

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-23
Moisturizing cosmetics in cosmetics production need to join classes contain water, natural moisturizing factor, oil composition molecules can lock moisture, make skin water embellish. Have effect of skin moisturizing ingredients are mainly the following kinds. Hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid, also known as bo a sour and cock crowns extract, is a kind of non protein mucopolysaccharide body. Itself dissolved in the water into high consistency of transparent liquid. Hyaluronic acid, like a strong absorption cotton can absorb hundreds of times its weight of water. So as the inside of the cosmetic processing moisturizing ingredients, can short time in apply face, let corneous layer water reaches the limit state. Because the price is very high, and in cosmetics to add quantity of ordinary. Collagen: is a kind of macromolecular protein, is the content of protein in the human body, can make the skin firm and elastic. Because of its material structure is similar to the skin cutin layer, thus will hasten to soak into the skin. Adding a certain amount of collagen in cosmetic consumption or amino acids, direct daub after, have to the skin to maintain and anti-aging effect, but the effect is temporary. Good collagen mask has obvious moisturizing effect, can progress skin stratum corneum moisture content, but it also can make the skin looks bright clear water in a short period of time, not durable. In addition, some add collagen mask product purpose is to use protein membrane contraction effect, only to let the skin effect. Seaweed extract: Marine extracts from island between the waters between after industrial disposal, such as extraction solvent extraction, get pale tasteless extract. The extract easily soluble, can match into the local water quality of cosmetics OEM formula, it not only has good moisturizing function, special also have antioxidant effect, also can accelerate the skin fiber bud cell proliferation, and contribute to the generation of collagen.
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