What are the influence factors of cosmetics OEM cost?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
In recent years, due to the social and economic development is rapid, cosmetics OEM began more and more popular. But don't know, agent processing costs by many factors, simply put, cosmetics manufacturer OEM cost = + packaging products ( The inner packing products + outer-package of raw materials) + + up large quantities of artificial customer service telephone expenses. The following detailed said the damage factors of expenses for cosmetics OEM. The most began to build, the material quality must be precise localization of generation of processing products and sales channels. Is such as professional line of cosmetics manufacturer or cosmetic skin care products. Cosmetic line of goods generally ZouDian quotient method, wechat business agents to join, province of line item is for the beauty parlor, accurate positioning, quality requirement of goods also vary. General cosmetic line items within the price will be lower, provincial control line item must be within the material's price is relatively high. Second, the packaging products quality? There are two kinds of packaging products, outer-package of the inner packing products and raw materials, the inner packing products generally are glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic hose, etc. , outer-package of raw materials is generally paper gift box. Issue the internal and external packaging materials, consumers can itself only be cosmetics contract agent processing production processing material then bottled, packaging. Three, large quantities of quantities? Both generation processing orders and number of packaging products, involve a minimum quantity of the difficulty, large quantity can save labor costs, reduce the loss of industrial equipment cost directly, therefore, less words agent processing price objective will be a few taller. If great skincare products OEM order details, foundry enterprises must discount will be given general. Fourth, other costs of skin care products OEM. Factory production welding jig cost, check goods, for the record spending it. Another is consumer choice mode of production, and some famous brands reserved goods mature ancestral secret recipe, this factory again whether it is important to choose and buy the raw material is involved, the marginal benefit will increase, such difficulties are hurt skin care products OEM expenses. In general, there are many factors that can damage cosmetics OEM spending, not single to distinguish from one or two aspects, many are integrated to give full consideration to, proposed to cosmetics manufacturer processing factory information on the spot investigation, will have a clear grasp.
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