What are the health cosmetics OEM factory workshop management system

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-13
1, the production of cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing factory workshop staff should maintain good personal hygiene, shower, change clothes, hair, can not long nails and nail color. 2, enter the cosmetics manufacturer OEM processing factory workshop must wear work clothes ( No buttons, no pocket) , working cap, work shoes; Hair may not appear; Overalls and working cap must be kept clean and must be replaced every day. 3, shall not be to produce personal supplies and accessories ( Such as watches, jewelry, etc. ) Into the workshop. 4, hand washing, into the workshop should work according to the procedures in the process of washing hands; Are strictly forbidden in the workshop for personal articles for daily use and production of irrelevant stuff. 5, are strictly forbidden in the workshop, diet, smoking and spitting. 6, without permission of the processing personnel shall not enter processing workshops; After approved by relevant departments, must meet the requirements of processing personnel rear accessibility. 7, the new job production personnel, must obtain a health certificate by health examination and rear can mount guard work. 8, workshop production personnel and other relevant personnel entering the workshop must wash your hands in case of one of the following circumstances: (1), before you start work; 2, after go to the toilet; (3), after treatment of contaminated raw materials; (4), engaged in other activities that has nothing to do with production; 5], in is engaged in the operation also should wash their hands. 9, semi-finished products and raw materials production workshop in contact equipment, instruments, work station must use non-toxic, no smell, corrosion resistance, easy to clean material. Surface should be smooth, no pit, crack. All bamboo instruments use prohibited in the workshop and container. 10, before and after the work, and work must be conducted in accordance with the provisions, cleaning and disinfection. Used for cleaning and disinfection method should be effective and shall not affect the body health. Chemically disinfected, check the configuration of the disinfectant records and use condition, continuous use of disinfectants, regular check its concentration. With hot water disinfection, water temperature should be above 80 ℃. 11, processing work station, mechanical equipment, instruments should often clean, must not have rust, and maintain a clean, after disinfection treatment equipment, instruments, work station to rinse thoroughly with water, remove residues rear can contact with the product. 12, production workshop and other places of waste, must be cleared at any time, and clean up the factory in time, waste storage containers and field should be timely cleaning and sanitation. 13, workshop staff and related personnel to at least once a year health check, must obtain a health certificate by health examination and rear can mount guard work. 14, the same production site shall not be two categories of products at the same time, also may at the same time processing affect the workshop health or a by-product of the quality of the product. Can only be stored within 15, workshop is about to use a small amount of empty cans. Empty cans can only packing products, at any time can not have other items, lest enter production line quality accident. Good cleaning workshop, it must be removed or covered empty cans on the production line, in order to avoid contamination. 16, after work every day, Or, when necessary) , it is necessary to thoroughly clean processing field of the floors, walls, drains, disinfected when necessary. 17, production workshop, and other related work site shall be kept clean, shall not pile up sundry, the ground may not appear large-scale water phenomenon, in the production of waste should be clean and remove at any time. 18, workshop in the locker room, coffee lounge and other public places, should often tidy and clean, disinfected, in time to keep it clean. 19, production workshop should be regularly or around except when necessary the insect pest control, to prevent insect breeding, the use of pesticides, workshop may not be contamination of cosmetics manufacturer, and try to avoid pollution equipment, instruments and containers, should be thoroughly cleaned after the use of pesticides, remove residual reagents.
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