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by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-11-23
In the new era of product marketing line, it is necessary to establish a comprehensive contact between customers and manufacturers before marketing, which will be more comfortable, and many enterprises focus on creating e-commerce channels, the offline structure and online structure of the products have been optimized and adjusted and the marketing channels have been integrated. This is the case for cosmetics processing. As a new type of industry, OEM, so what are the excellent products for cosmetics processing? First, facial cleanser according to the cosmetics processing company, the main processing products in the company include a variety of types such as boutique series and water agent series, among which the sales volume of liquid and emulsion is quite high, some cream series products have also been recognized by the market, but from the perspective of merchants, facial cleanser is currently used as an explosive processing product. The market sales are high and the processing cost is higher than the market price and the Middle profit is large. Second, there are many mask products in the mask quality assurance and low price cosmetics processing, for example, the common rose essence silk mask, lavender mask, tea tree essential oil mask or milk whitening mask, snail mask and hyaluronic acid liquid mask, which are more popular in recent years, the production cost of mask is highly controllable, but the market price is generally high, so it is also a high-profit product for merchants. Third, BB cream series of products currently have sufficient supply of cosmetics, which are mainly divided into two types: Men's processing and women's processing. Some men's special products or series products are more popular in men's processing, however, Ms. On behalf of the processing, it is recommended to choose some BB cream series or shampoo and hair care series products, while the proportion of women using lotion and cream has increased significantly. As a merchant, you may also choose some such products. At the same time, Xiao Bian consulted the cosmetics processing company and learned that the price of the current Boutique series products has risen, and the price of semi-finished products and the price of finished products have also fluctuated greatly, therefore, whether it is cleansing or water-based products, they need to be selected according to the actual situation and personal marketing ability. Enterprises should also investigate the market in detail and then ask professional companies to carry out cosmetic processing.
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