What are the differences between cosmetic milk and cream -? XJ BEAUTY

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-04
What are the differences between cosmetics milk and cream? Most brands of skin care products have two different types of lotion and cream, which are different in texture, composition and usage. Let's take a look at the difference between milk and cream with Zhuhai Rixin editor. 1, the composition is different, the emulsion moisture is more, the cream oil is more; 2, the state is different, the emulsion is liquid, the cream is paste; 3, the applicable season is different, the emulsion is suitable for use in summer, and the cream is suitable for early autumn and winter use; 4, the main role is different, the main role of the emulsion is moisturizing, moisturizing, the main role of the cream is to supplement nutrition, lock moisture; 5, the absorption rate is different, generally speaking, the emulsion absorption is faster, the cream absorption is slower; 6, the applicable population is different, the emulsion is suitable for people with oily skin, the cream is suitable for people with dry or neutral skin; After knowing these differences between milk and cream, when selecting lotion and cream, you must see clearly what skin type it is aimed at. For example, although lotion is thinner than cream, it presents a semi-liquid state, however, there are also two kinds of high oil and low oil. In addition to looking at the product description, you can also try out the oil level on the back of your hand. If you apply it for a while and absorb it clean, it means it is low fat, it is suitable for neutral and oily skin. If it is more or less shiny after being applied, the oil content will be higher, and it is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. In general, lotions and creams can also be divided into moisturizing and refreshing types according to skin types, but in general, people with oily skin should choose refreshing lotions, dry skin needs to choose moisturizing lotion or cream, and different creams and lotions are also needed in different seasons. It is relatively dry in autumn and winter, and it is necessary to choose moisturizing products, which are relatively moist in summer, you need to choose relatively refreshing lotions and creams.
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