What are the advantages of substitute manufacturers?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-29
With the rapid development of cosmetics OEM industry, the cosmetics consumption of Chinese consumers is increasingly upgrading, and domestic cosmetics brands are also increasing year by year. Facing the huge cosmetics market, how should we gradually cut into the cosmetics manufacturing link and make use of the advantages of cosmetics oem to build our own cosmetics brand. It has effectively promoted the development of China's cosmetics industry and met the needs of the market. What are the advantages of OEM cosmetics? Advantage 1: low cost. For start-up cosmetics enterprises, unless they are investors with deep background and strong strength, it is generally difficult to have enough funds to bear all the expenses needed to build the factory at the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise. Even if a cosmetic processing factory with a slight scale can produce various conventional products, it will take at least 10 millions or 20 millions yuan to officially start. Therefore, for cosmetics enterprises that do not have a huge capital budget, the best way at the beginning of their establishment is, of course, to find cosmetics manufacturers to cooperate. Cosmetics OEM processing factory is now highly specialized, with a certain level from product naming, trademark registration to research and development, production and logistics. Cosmetics OEM processing factory meets all brand enterprises. All in all, save money, effort, and worry. Advantage 2: high efficiency. For well-known enterprises, it is a strategy to maximize profits through cosmetics OEM. Through cooperation with cosmetics OEM enterprises, brands can rapidly expand around the world. As long as the consistency of product quality is ensured, the entrusted processing of cosmetics OEM will not only reduce the occupation of its own investment funds and production funds, but also greatly reduce the investment cost and investment risk. More importantly, cosmetics OEM has more advantages for international customers. Finding cosmetics OEM enterprises locally can shorten the logistics transportation time and the production cycle of products. Advantage 3: diversified customization of products. Under normal circumstances, cosmetic OEM manufacturers will have multiple cosmetic production lines, which can satisfy customers' production needs of various products, create various types of cosmetic products for customers, and ensure the richness of customer product lines, meet the diverse needs of the cosmetics market. Therefore, whether it is a start-up brand or a well-known brand, choosing cosmetics OEM manufacturers to cooperate is undoubtedly the best choice. Guangzhou Liyan Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. has a complete 4S processing system. We can help you solve the problems of market research, selling point refining, packaging design, special research formula and so on, and can monitor the whole process, after-sales protection!
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