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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-14
OEM generation of processing and what are the advantages of < p> 2017 - 09 - 28 10:01:00 < / p> today to talk about the advantages of cosmetics OEM, OEM or original equipment cosmetics manufacturer, commonly known as OEM production, why so many businesses choose OEM production? What is its advantage? Specific said is: the enterprise products market sales channel, and the production ability is limited, in order to increase production sales, reduce the risk of the new production line, win the market time, commissioned by way of contract order other similar products manufacturers, the products ordered to buy at a lower price, and directly with your own brand trademark, the entrust others to OEM production cooperation way. Spray processing ( 1) Save the investment to build factories, save troublesome management, save for the agent to be restricted, the list of goods by the market demand, improve the market reaction speed, quickly occupy the advantageous space in market competition, gain a competitive advantage. ( 2) Strong regional processing customers, product formula for an area of special needs specially designed, made it possible to personalized products, easy to meet the needs of the consumers. ( 3) Develop some new special product requires special mechanical equipment, initial investment risk is bigger, and have many customers cosmetics manufacturer OEM companies to spread the risk, low cost to implement new product development. Note: cosmetics manufacturer OEM/ODM services, must go to normal. Qualification is complete! To ensure your product quality.
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