What are suitable for choosing cosmetics OEM cooperation customer type?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
According to statistics, China's existing more than 20000 cosmetics brand, in addition to some brands have their own factories, other customers must be looking for cosmetics OEM factory generation of processing. Suitable for select OEM cooperation includes the following customer types: a new, small domestic brands and brand first venture investors, or is not their own factory brand, is a big demand for cosmetics OEM, is a major cosmetics OEM customers. Because just started, small scale and one-time processing products, but also requires speed price concessions. Millions of line beauty salon this is our professional cosmetics OEM enterprise one of the main customer base, they are part of it is to belong to the agent products with others, but for the agent of the product price and quality is not very satisfied, so created yourself of the idea of looking for processing OEM, their product is less, the amount is not big, but a large number. Three, just more and more foreign brands to enter the Chinese international cosmetics brand to enter the Chinese market, and to enter the market need timely supply of products, to temporarily haven't plan to invest foreign brands, choosing the Chinese cosmetics OEM enterprise is the most economical and efficient way, high quality of their product requirements, is the price not too bargains. Four many large supermarkets, supermarket, KA supermarket for exposure to many in the cosmetics brand, interested in cosmetics profit space is very big, so there are a lot of business to find it super cosmetics OEM enterprise in the production of its own brand products. Their products are generally popular, cheaper price requirements. Five, the pharmaceutical enterprises as the main technical background and cosmetics, and medicine makeup in recent years has been a large consumer groups, so a lot of drug companies are cosmetics manufacturer market, will also look for cosmetics OEM generation of processing enterprises. Their products are generally related to medicine medicine makeup product in the majority, of GMP certification requirements. Six, hotels hotels always produces a lot of cosmetics consumption, so the processing of cosmetics have demand. Their request is not high, the quality of product and generally do not need packaging, most wash bath products. In conclusion, in today's cosmetics market, the real need of cosmetics manufacturer OEM generation of processing is probably more than several types of enterprises.
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