What are cosmetics processing OEM cooperation pattern wechat business how to choose factory?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-05
Also there are many kinds of cosmetics manufacturer and processing mode, the customer need to measure their own situation, choose a suitable processing method, to seek further interest. Allows businesses to keep up with the environment, to achieve win-win situation! Processing mode 1, the customer can be processed products with their own brands. 2, the customer can use our samples to processing. 3, customers can according to its own recipe to processing. 4, customer available raw materials for processing. 5, the customer can be filling with their packaging processing. 6, can according to customer requirements planning and positioning copy brand. 7, according to customer requirements for packaging, printing packing box, manual and label design and order! Eight, can help customers to do product market planning! 1, OEM cooperation mode - - - - - - Do processing ( Including to packaging materials processing and materials processing) ; 2、ODM - - - - - - - Except for product processing, and provide one-stop supporting the entire value-added services: including the brand registration, product planning, formulation, raw material procurement to VI design, product development, packaging material cans, product inspection, three certificates provided by the whole process of 3, brand: output is based on the original OEM/ODM to adapt to the new market competition environment on the basis of a new and effective mode, provide enterprises with cosmetics brand registration, embodies the market research, brand, product research and development, production, packaging, design, supply chain management, marketing, marketing management, enterprise operational management services, including a complete set of operation system, also can be summarized as brands' core competencies' output. 4、OBM- - - - - - - Provide and transfer our company registered good off-the-shelf brand, product line has been planned, formulation, positioning, selling point, packaging and promotional support, customer only need to choose a ( Some companies can also according to the requirements of different customers all contents of brand to revise and adjust) Nowadays, various wechat business years into millions of earning hundreds of online news, look at the surge of emotion surge, blood boiling, everybody is very anxious to immediately plunge into the blue ocean of wechat business, get rich. Today's wechat business development model or in the layers of the agent is given priority to, different versions of wechat business agency skill also, even if you choose the right category and brand, also don't laid hands on him, do you want to see factory on unreliable. Also suggests wechat business dear friends should know when audit factory location: 1. Will be formal, a national agency license, certification is complete; 2. Have a certain size, suggest to the on-the-spot investigation, research and development, production, quality control and other key departments mature; 3. There are more brand success; 4. Research and development ability and good quality; 5, brand image, brand image includes two aspects, one is the brand has a clear brand positioning; 2 it is to have the brand system, unified logo, slogan, VI, packaging, promotional material such as visual design; 6, source product support, basically see manufacturers have their own factories, production lines, or whether autonomous control, product quality and shipped back to single cycle; Support 7, intellectual property rights, legal compliance, holding national patent appearance or function can be a priority; 8, after-sales service support, after-sales service usually has two aspects, one is the agent after-sale management level, the other is a product after-sales; 9, guide training support; Wechat business industry at present, recruit agents ( Develop channels) The fastest way is training, lectures, manufacturers of agent training support largely determine the speed of digestion products, even if the cosmetics manufacturer didn't offer a decent training and courseware, you still don't do it. Choose to have backed by power enterprises do.
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