What about cosmetic container you know?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-23
Brand can become a kind of belief, well-known brand brings security commitments to buyers, can help consumers identify and choose goods. An enterprise to achieve good brand effect need to reflect the unique brand connotation, both to establish a distinctive image temperament, more to improve the quality of products, directly to consumers in the publicity and visual transmission of information. 吗? 吗? Now online cosmetics container is serious, protection against poor performance, poor packaging is difficult to recycle, convenience, packaging design, the main points of the ideas in a specifications of the cosmetic container to accommodate a variety of products. Only with glass products, do not need to use extra material, multiple dimensions unified product packaging, guarantee size remains the same, the size may change along with the change of products, from the structure to solve the existing problems. Standard packing size. Specifications have a lot of online commodity packaging cartons, size is differ, the costs of packing material management, the increased cost of warehousing and logistics management. To raise the efficiency of logistics system, its core is to merge unified packing size, is advantageous for the packaging of the production, management, warehousing and shipping when planning the use of space. Strengthen the protection function. Protection function is the basic function of packaging. Shopping cosmetics container should not only maintain the appearance of goods, and to withstand transportation to the packing damage, to ensure the products delivery intact. Strengthen the protection function can help establish loyalty trading relationship between the seller and the buyer, also promote the development of online shopping packing. 吗? 吗? Reusable packaging. If the design of the cosmetic container packing can effectively recycle, so is very good in terms of waste reduction. If the material into a single paper fiber material, no other materials involved in the synthesis, so when the cosmetics container packing, after repeated use many times the damaged cartons can also through the simple program as raw material to produce packaging products. 506. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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