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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-01
Wenzhou cosmetics OEM briefly spot whitening ingredients in cosmetics and the principle of < p> 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics OEM 08 - 02 10:13:21 < / p> ( 1) Inhibit melanin whitening agent wenzhou cosmetics OEM parsing, the main type of pigment melanin is affects the skin fair-skinneds in vain, inhibit the generation of melanin natural whitening products one of the most important is the ultimate goal. Melanin is generated within the melanocyte, the melanin cell exists in the base layer of the skin epidermis, so this kind of functional ingredients must penetrate into skin, reach the base layer to exert its effect, this is a difficult problem, because it is hard to through the natural barrier of corneous layer, so it is also a lot of whitening cosmetics effect not ideal of a very important reason. On the market at present commonly used inhibiting melanin whitening agent mainly arbutin and its derivatives, kojic acid and its derivatives, vitamin C and its derivatives, endothelin antagonists, licorice flavonoids, anthocyanins, as well as green tea, azalea, grape seed, rhodiola plant extracts. ( 2) Blocking melanin transport whitening agent after the melanin cells generated melanin, melanin small experience along the melanocyte dendritic protrusions transfer to the surrounding cutin cell formation, affect the skin color. Transport of melanin blockers can reduce melanin body to the cutin cell transfer speed, reduce the melanin content in the epidermal cell layer, reach whitening effect. Smoke amide, azelaic acid, green tea extract, etc. ( 3) Stripping agent such material by soften cuticle, accelerate the corneous layer off dead cells, promote skin metabolism, makes into the skin in the process of metabolism of the melanin body falls off along with the quick update of skin, to reduce its influence on skin color, if acid, soluble keratinase, etc. The stripping effect of chemical excitant strong acidity, dosage is too high, and soluble keratinase belongs to biological stripping agent, mild, general won't produce stimulation. The above three kinds of material are for the melanin effect of whitening agent, the first kind of grab from fountainhead, inhibit the generation of melanin; The second and the third class is in the presence of melanin have been generated, one inside the second is for melanocyte haven't transport of melanin. The third kind is for have arrived out of the melanin cell transfer surrounding the melanin cell keratin corpuscle. So, these three kinds of whitening agent for melanin from scratch, to out of the three different stages of human body and produce different effect. Whitening are similar, and the mechanism of the spot is just the spot product has been on the splash, mainly by adding the way of stripping agent to achieve the purpose of desalination or eliminate spots. Medicated cosmetics cosmetics for special purposes (esp) in our country, because of the beautiful white product adding functional materials and similar, so, now wenzhou cosmetics OEM also monitor the whitening products as a special use cosmetics. In addition, both the whitening and spot, must do everyday bask in nurse, in order to prevent due to ultraviolet radiation caused by the pigmentation of the skin black phenomenon.
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