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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-01
Wenzhou cosmetics OEM analysis the function of vitamin A - class Skin repair < p> 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics OEM 07 - 31 09:58:10 < / p> all of these classes - vitamin A Except retinyl palmitate - To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, skin coarse, pigmentation, improve skin texture has proven to be effective. Retinoids drugs is considered by increasing cell renewal, prevent collagen breakdown, thickening of the epidermis. Retinol is a gold standard, is currently one of the top skin repair active component. Local applications, for retinal retinol oxidation, then further oxidation for trans retinoic acid. Wenzhou cosmetics OEM reported, because the more the transformation steps, the effect of trans retinoic acid to about 20 times more than retinol. Several about 0. Retinal and 0 05%. 05% trans retinoic acid treatment of the effect of light aging skin comparison showed that the retinal and trans retinoic acid also effective to reduce wrinkles and rough skin, may be more effective than retinol. Trans retinoic acid, however, retinal to cause the skin to stimulate the incidence is higher than 3. Wenzhou cosmetics OEM encourages consumers to understand and deal with retinoids cause skin irritation of any A kind of new repair skin products are all important. Using polar emollients to slow release and the stimulation by skin penetration, but this method may have negative influence on curative effect. Wenzhou cosmetics OEM reported other coping methods include: the construction of the skin barrier components ( Nicotinamide - for example 欢欣鼓舞的生命科学) Cosmetics relieving ingredients ( For example, red myrrh alcohol, myrrh alcohol? 100, DE xin) D - Panthenol ( 巴斯夫保健创作) Glycyrrhizic acid potassium ( 全球Mafco LLC) Resistance to sensitive components ( For example. Hydroxyphenyl propionamide benzoic acid & ndash; SymSitive吗? 1609, DE xin) Used to reduce the stimulation of polarity emollients 15 octadecyl ether (including PPG Arlamol PS15E, wo) ,PPG- 2 myristicin propionate ( Crodamol PMP, wo) And sunscreen. Reduce stimulation and improve the curative effect of another interesting strategy is retinol combined with retinol analog components. The simulation component requirements change in the form of retinol gene activity. Wenzhou cosmetics OEM has, according to a study published in the 0. Retinol and 0 04%. 1% dihydroxy color ketone, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid ( Butterfly cui - poetry RonaCareLuremin EMD) Combined with single use 0. Compared to 1% retinol more help to improve the light aging of the skin.
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