Wenzhou cosmetics factory: the cause of the air cushion bb love makeup

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-25
cosmetics factory in wenzhou, the cause of the air cushion bb love makeup fast into the summer, a lot of people want to change a bit thin bottom makeup products, for lazy people, cosmetic bag resident population in addition to lipstick, and is a part of important away makeup player & ndash; — Air cushion BB! Daily makeup compared air cushion foundation is very thin, very convenient, but lightweight block defect may not be so good at the same time, but now technology is more and more mature, in order to meet various needs, developed a lot of good product. So choose a suitable air cushion is very important, many of the outermost layer of skin are really don't like cushions, don't think makeup fast lasting, but as long as the right products, all these problems can be avoided. But air cushion BB love makeup is often make fun of, the cause of the air cushion BB love makeup may be associated with your makeup skill oh here to share for dry skin outermost layer of skin two skin different ways of air cushion BB make-up on dry skin sister and air cushion BB steps: Tips1: dry eye makeup facial moisture balance of skin sister make eye makeup at the same time, can be high on cheeks apply moisturizing essence mask, make apple flesh drink enough water, more stick take makeup, makeup can also shorten the time. Tips2: when using a pat on the technique of makeup in the makeup gently pat with moisturizing type powdery cake quickly. In the easy card powder skin to fast. Tips3: calm makeup with moisturizing spray with moisturizing spray calm makeup. Spray moisturizing spray toward the sky, on his back to meet water mist. Calm makeup done easily. Outermost layer of skin sister and air cushion bb step Tips1: makeup milk looped accuse oil daub makeup before the milk is a good choice, on the face and gently point on the breast before makeup, to & other; Circle & throughout; Method of extending the breast before makeup, it would fill up rough pores. Tips2: use a pressure technique on makeup oily skin give oil, easy to take off the makeup, with & other; Press & throughout; The way a makeup, can make makeup look more stick take. To multilayer makeup, block defect effect is better. Tips3: dip in with the brush sweet pink base powder, and then swept gently on the face. Such makeup feeling not too obvious, also can take away excess oil.
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