Wenzhou cosmetics factory: the attention of consumers on hydroxyl benzoic acid ester trend

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-25
cosmetics factory in wenzhou estimates that 85% of personal care product contains p-hydroxy benzoic acid ester, such as shampoo, cosmetics, p-hydroxy benzoic acid ester of shaving gel products such as absorbed by human body through the skin, while the human body can handle and eliminate p-hydroxy benzoic acid ester, but constant exposure will make a small amount of p-hydroxy benzoic acid ester retention in the body. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou's research shows that most americans body containing methyl p-hydroxybenzoate and p-hydroxy benzoic acid propyl ester, the content of women than men. In 2015, according to a study of p-hydroxy benzoic acid ester can penetrate into our water systems and Marine mammals in the body, such as penguins and polar bears. P-hydroxy benzoic acid esters used in cosmetics preservatives, antioxidants to prevent mildew, bacteria and other microorganisms in food and personal care products. The commonly used p-hydroxy benzoic acid esters including methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, p-hydroxy benzoic acid propyl ester, p-hydroxy benzoic acid butyl ester and p-hydroxy benzoic acid ethyl ester. This kind of attention in today is still very strong. As more and more studies have shown that the connection between the endocrine disruptors and a series of disease, and other Corrosive hydroxy benzoate & throughout; Has become the natural socialist common selling point of consumer products. Consumer rights and interests protection groups warned users personal care products, especially women, to avoid contact with the p-hydroxy benzoic acid ester. The European Union has banned some p-hydroxy benzoic acid ester used in cosmetics and strictly limit its use in other products.
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