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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
Wenzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory: six steps to teach you to make up the < p> 2019 - wenzhou cosmetics factory 02 - 21 17:37:57 < / p> beautiful heart the person all has. Do you like to do a delicate woman or choose to do an ordinary humble person? Today, many women will use makeup to adorn your beauty. The excellent women more can let oneself through makeup look more different. Today, so more and more girls want to learn make-up cosmetics factory in wenzhou with several steps to make up a small white church successful counter attack. 1, cosmetics factory in wenzhou, shangfen to skin by powdery bottom and cover the freckle on the skin and liver spots and pigmentation, improve the skin rough feeling. But keep in mind that make up a small white powdery bottom on the former, remember to shake, so as not to have problems with oil-water separation and precipitation. Pay special attention to the corner of my eye, nose, and hair are over. 2, cosmetics factory in wenzhou: eye shadow drawing through to make eye more have stereo feeling, and through the color eye more tension. Use eye shadow brush with a small amount of eye shadow, first in the eye socket, and then on a layer of a layer of eye shadow, can make a layered sense. 3, cosmetics factory in wenzhou: draw look line by line to beautify and prominent eyes, make up skilled friend, also can through the eyeliner techniques, to repair and change the shape of the eye, strengthen the spirits of the eye, make the eye black and white contrast. The eyeliner to raise their eyelids, from eye to eye end, from fine to coarse, onto the eye end when rose slightly. It is important to note that the painted eyeliner more near eyelash more natural, if two eye size, also can use liner thickness to adjust. 4, cosmetics factory in wenzhou: draw eyebrow use eyelash brush down by, from down to up, the mascara from root to end coating coated on average, such as to be more thick, can be dry again after the last time such as; Can use eyelash clip to make it more strong. And next eyelash on law, is take the vertical mascara, move around, will apply to the next eyelash mascara, if there are any agglomerate, use eyelash brush can be open. 5, cosmetics factory in wenzhou, cheek is red cheek is red can be used to make more ruddy cheeks look. Mainly from zygomatic by ears around to within about 45 degree Angle, the scope is about eyes peripheral line and under the nose line junction. Cheek is red the less dosage, the brush a few times more less failure. 6, cosmetics factory in wenzhou: lipstick lipstick on the make-up is an important part of, but to draw the perfect lips and lip color is not an easy thing. Lip peak began to lip brush with appressed labial ministry to draw lip line, and then rub the lips full, or with labial line pen, draw the lip line, use lipstick painted again. Above is the cosmetics factory in wenzhou on the six steps, also won't make up friends, read the above content to move, let oneself become more beautiful with our own hands. Makeup, of course, is not going to learn, or through continuous accumulation, technology will be more tough.
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