Wenzhou cosmetics factory: rapid whitening methods

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-26
summer is a season of tan ah, no matter you are to go swimming, go to the beach, or to go out often, got home began to regret their own faces in the look in the mirror, how can let oneself become so black? Sad ah, cosmetics factory in wenzhou today teach you a few action sunburnt repair fast whitening method, six tips let you quickly Bai Qilai. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou: auxiliary want to skin, skin care products do at present is not a component can be implemented, but we can be in the nursing, choosing blocking melanin corpuscle pass way to cutin cell, can prevent the skin to the black, for example, niacinamide, MSK composition and so on. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou: aged cutin regularly clear a lot of people will feel this way after tanning, like skin grew thick cuticle, appear dark, rough phenomenon, this is because the sun caused the melanin and old cutin, want to whiten, must be regularly chamfer, it is important to note that after go to the cutin, don't immediately apply whitening skin care products, first put some hydrating emulsion, bedding moist new & other; Show & throughout; The cutin, so as not to stimulate the fragile skin, normal care slowly again. Wenzhou cosmetics factory: lotion to strengthen cell nutrition is a high quality toner can strengthen the skin cutin cell repair, accelerate the absorption of nutrition, such as containing vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and other ingredients, make new corneous layer on the vision more beautiful. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou: whitening cycle is one month after a lot of girls want to tan Bai Qilai immediately, obviously this is unlikely, metabolism of skin every 28 days there will be a cycle, is a time when you maintain the 28 genius will work, also want to like to do anything to step by step, don't be impatient for success.
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