Wenzhou cosmetics factory: new regulations on the supervision and administration of cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-26
cosmetics factory in wenzhou, the draft regulations on the supervision and administration of cosmetics ( Hereinafter referred to as the draft regulations) The second paper draft. It also indicates the cosmetics industry are braced for a profound change, the change will bring industry what kind of impact? Enterprises should be how to face the change? On the afternoon of November 30, 2018 ( The third) Cosmetics technology festival, the organizers specially & other; The regulations, The draft) Introduced the influence and countermeasures & throughout; Organized a recuperative BBS. BBS invited to advocate health supplies co. , LTD. , technology development department manager Zhang Taijun, jalam international ( Hong Kong) Health and beauty group vice President of research and development center Liu Shan, wenzhou personally yours cosmetics co. , LTD. , general manager assistant ShiChangSong and SGS GMP assessors wei-hua peng attended the cosmetics, BBS department senior manager GuMiao presided by procter & gamble company regulations. From 15 years to draw up the draft the regulations, it has been four years, the latest progress in August of the second written draft. Discussion Zhang Taijun said before formally issued the regulations, may have an opportunity to comment publicly. Forthcoming, the regulations also means that the cosmetics will face a change in the system, in this industry before the terms of the relevant parties keep to the regulations connotation is very important to in-depth study and discussion. “ Boots will fall. ” Discuss the beginning Liu Shan then said: & other; Cosmetics industry has already formed the full market competition system, must have the corresponding laws and regulations based on regulated industry development, need a hand to management. ” Not just Liu Shan, several other guests have also agreed, the introduction of the regulations for industry long-term development, is light. The regulations of the draft change reporter had to read to draft the regulations for the second written comment manuscript found that 1989 of article 35 of the regulations, and the new 'byelaw' the draft already has more than 72, more than doubled, it is not hard to see the new 'byelaw' have a bigger change. Zhang Taijun think the biggest change in the draft the regulations is fully listen to the voice of the enterprise, amend the new raw material registration system for records and mature industry in terms of effect evaluation of the actual situation of the development level and stage of development. “ Draft the regulations to increase the quality and safety and cosmetic safety assessment, head of the personnel qualification of specific provision. This will bring great influence of enterprise for the future; And increased by added the clause of inspection for inspection items and methods from outside of the existing national standard, test can be added. Prohibited the determined attitude, this shows that for our great pressure to suppress illicit illegally added. ” ShiChang elastic then added in detail. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou: follow the regulations, the enterprise should be how to deal with the guests said that although the regulations for advice stage, but general direction will not have too big change. Each enterprise should go ahead, carefully study the terms of the draft, the regulations targeted to formally introduce the regulations to be prepared for a comprehensive, in order to reduce operating risk brought by the laws and regulations change, some businesses have started in the talented person, the system, the new material, the registration for the record, efficacy validation preparing new 'byelaw' the ground docking, established a professional team meet the demand of diversification. Along with the advancement of legislative work, the enterprise value are also rising.
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