Wenzhou cosmetics factory: fight decline wrinkles to early

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-26
to skin condition began to decline after the age of 25, fight decline wrinkles to early, otherwise the delay care more difficult. For skin to absorb skin care products, want to absorb skin care products, skin have, experts say, protect skin to taste the active ingredient in has high permeability, high concentration of ingredients, can really penetration muscle, in a short period of time to give the best condition of the skin, so the current many brands are under active ingredient this concept to attract consumers. Aging is a terrible thing, looking at oneself once smooth delicate skin wrinkly, slowly heart seemed to be burning hot water slowly. With the effect that protect skin to taste is still not, cosmetics factory in wenzhou r&d engineers, said a lot of skin care products is only absorbed by skin, not really into the dermis, cannot activate, repair the damaged cells and skin, also can't complement and retention of collagen, wrinkled skin will slowly. The active ingredient and wrinkles, small make up remind of a wrinkles, repair the skin ampoules concentrate, heap praise efficacy, it is oats tremella plant extraction branches virgin pulp. Oats tremella plant extraction branches protoplasmic wenzhou cosmetics factory research and development, plant protoplasm fermentation technology is utilized to extract the natural active ingredients, no added essence and preservative, allergens and eradicate the root cause. Oats tremella plant extraction branches protoplasmic effects have the effect of the activated immune cells, improve skin immunity, strengthen the skin barrier. Promote the synthesis of fibroblasts collagen, increase skin elasticity, smooth the fine wrinkles. Smooth the skin texture, keep skin water content, let skin restore elasticity and health. After cosmetics factory product manager in wenzhou is introduced, it adds oat extract, tremella extracts, chlorella extract natural ingredients, such as by microbial fermentation technology, the unique plant virgin pulp extraction of high concentration of active ingredients, make the active ingredient is more valuable, stronger efficacy. Oat extract can enhance skin elasticity, smooth the fine wrinkles, promote the synthesis of fibroblasts collagen, repair damaged skin, the ingredients in the bottle of liquid plays a big role. Tremella extract is polysaccharide compounds, with super hydrating effect, can smooth the skin texture. The chlorella extract contains rich nucleic acid & ndash; — Nucleoprotein, can repair the body cells, activate the immune cells, the effect of anti-aging.
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